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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Death by Neti Pot

Three people have died from a brain infection caused by amoeba in the water. The most unusual of the three cases is a young man who obviously used tap water in his neti pot.  Only sterile, distilled, or boiled water should be used in neti pots. Read about the source of the deadly amoeba. It attacks the brain and kills.
Yes, I am still running a fever, still staggering about, and still feel very ill. I don't feel the antibiotic has helped at all, so far. Of course, I would have been more ill without it. I could definitely use a neti pot right now.

Your turn
Do you always follow instructions and use only sterile, distilled, or boiled water in your neti pot? 


  1. oh, my, didn't know that!! best wishes for you getting better quick, Practical!

  2. I don't have a neti pot and certainly need one tonight. But, I will definitely be careful

  3. No, I just buy the sterile saline in squeeze bottles.I don't like the idea of a Neti Pot. A friend used to use one and ended up with eye irritation from home made saline. Looked like pink eye. Way too much salt.

    If you happen to find Nettles tea bags in a store, drink that. Its very good for sinuses. Won't be miraculous but you will start drying up. Feel better!

  4. Thanks for that information. Maybe she did not sterilize water and container? Anyway, since I don't have the neti pot and do have saline squeeze bottle, I will try that. I had forgotten about it. I always wonder how sterile that is after sticking it up my nose that is harboring germs. And, can I re-infect myself. Still fever after 4 days on antibiotic. It must be a doozy of an infection. I may call the doctor this afternoon unless they are closed on Friday afternoon....grrr.


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