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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy, HOT Day and NO MORE ANTS

prickles on free cucumber
A friend offered me tomatoes and the lone cucumber on his volunteer cucumber vine. I accepted. He told me to just go pick it. It had little spiny things all over it that made me afraid to pick it. I did, but hated doing so. He said all cucumbers had these. Do they? At any rate, I tried to wipe off enough of them to carry it with two fingers. Today, they look a little less spiny and more just bumpy. I wonder why this cucumber shrunk so much in less than 24 hours.

Today, it was 101 degrees here. The humidity was stifling. I have not checked the humidity, but it was high. My four tomato plants desperately needed attention. Exbf and I spent the day outdoors. We were both drained. Okay, I come in often to catch the ac and was washing clothes, dishes, and cooking. He did stay out for four hours. We both drank lots of water.

Cutting limbs=No more ants
Rather than either of us having to climb a ten-foot ladder, I figured out how to cut limbs 12 feet over our heads. I took a garden rake, stretched to get any portion of the limb. He grabbed it and pulled it down. I used my loppers to cut it. Yes, these were all small limbs, luckily. The ants are no more! GONE! I can clean off the counters and put down new Terro. I had Terro all over the backs of the counters. Now, I can just use one spot of it.

I have these whole wheat, no hfcs, no preservative little bread rounds. I made pizzas on those from free spaghetti sauce, and cheese left from before the tornado in April. Obviously, I just grab a bag of the shredded cheese, toss it back into the freezer, and next time open another. I used up three bags of ends of shredded cheese.  I had a banana and milk afterwards. Exbf wanted nothing else.

Fence for my garden
The four by four raised garden had huge tomato plants lying all over the ground. It was surrounded by chicken wire, sort of a half-done effort to keep the hens out. Today was the day I got a larger "fence." It is pathetic looking, all falling down, but I used what I had. Now, I can take the twist ties off the lapped chicken wire, go inside and tend to it.

There are four tomato plants. At least one is Roma. Then, there is a jalapeno pepper plant. Pathetic to call a garden? LOL I have not had one bug-bitten plant, no slugs. It is really weird. And, I have not used any pesticide. Watch! In the morning, after my sort of bragging, everything will be bitten off at the ground or have leaves laced with holes. Beside the hens, I have rabbits in my yard, so I do have to take a little care for the plants' safety.

Hanging out clothes
Despite feeling faint in the heat and feeling my skin was burning off my arms, I got two loads of clothes hung on the line. Actually, half the first load was hung. When dry, I hung the rest of that load. Then, I hung the second load. The third load never made it to the clothes line. Tomorrow....  I actually got all I washed and dried folded and put away....rare for me to do it so soon.

Pork tenderloin cut into rounds and cooked in an iron skillet saved using the oven if I had cooked it whole. I took the rest of the potatoes meant for the hens and boiled them with the remaining skins on. I was so tired that mashing potatoes (sorta) with a fork and throwing on a dollop of real butter took all my energy. I am still using the Romaine from July 16, and sending it home with exbf, also.  He had a salad of Romaine, cucumber, and banana pepper. There were tomatoes I packed for him to take home, along with more mashed potatoes. He opted for the salad I made for dinner.

Fancy in the Swing
Exbf went to sit in the swing and rest after he used the weed eater on my "rock garden." He cannot stand to come into a cool house when he sweats. I prefer to come into the ac when I get sweaty, throw a blanket on a chair, rest and cool off.

After a bit, I went out and joined him. I did not sit on the end of the swing because wisteria would touch me. Fancy became very interested when I sat down. She came over, talking all the way, stood looking at the six inches of swing seat that was between us. She backed off, looked right at me and came around to the end of the swing where there was more room. I patted the seat and told her to come sit with me. She jumped right up, looked at me, looked around at exbf, and just started chattering away.

Then, she jumped down, came right over  and looked at the swing seat between us. We both scooted outward on the seat. She jumped right up! She was so vocal. She just wanted to get in on the conversation. Maybe she did not want anyone else  sitting under the apple tree with me. (okay, it was a cherry tree)

Ex bf is the only person other than me that she will allow to come near her. She has never wanted to sit with him before.

Your turn
Hot where you are? How is everyone faring with this horrendous heat wave we are having? (at least most of us) Are you still hanging clothes out? Working a bit in the yard? Do your hens like to come around when you have company and join in?


  1. It is hot here too! Yesterday it was 106 when moving on the interstate, and 115 when sitting still in a parking lot. We did finally get some strong storms and rain last night, after a very long time with absolutely no rain.

    I've been hanging out clothes for the most part. I get my 20 minutes a day of sun for Vitamin D that way. Still, some days it is all I can do to go outside in that humidity.

  2. Yes it's hot. I have horses and have been hosing them down each day for some relief, altho they do sweat (cows don't).

    my experience has been that cukes have prickles when they are young. I laughed at your experiencs. I have been growing them for a few years now, after being given a wonderful recipe for pickles. My husband is pickle crazy and can eat 2 jars a week. good pickles can cost upwards of $5 a jar, so it's worth it to me. it's also really easy to make pickles. oh, and cukes are really easy to grow.

  3. GV, I was really feeling horrible today after being in the heat, moving around, and actually Back injury, knee injury, fibromyalgia, and torrid conditions do not make for a refreshed Linda the next day. You are so right, it take force of will to go hang out clothes. But, we are not vitamin D deficient!

  4. Trish, I thought about putting a mist on the hens, but that would mean penning them up in a hotter part of the yard. Besides, when I accidentally get a mist of water near them, they run screaming for their lives. Of course, they might learn to love the mist. One day, Thelma was hot and not acting right. I caught her and forced her head into the water bowl to drink. All three walk around with hens held out and mouths open, panting. They have lots of water and a melon, cukes, and tomatoes today, all full of liquid.

    Yes, that cucumber spooked me because it looked too much like a cactus, and I hate cactus. I am not a pickle enthusiast, but I might grow them some day for the hens. I meant to this year, but my energy level and a bit of procrastination assured me I planted no pickles. The guy who gave it to me was laughing aloud at my not wanting to touch it.

  5. Ha, they walk with wings held out...!

  6. Its cooled finally but the humidity is still up. We are hangong laundry and don't have a dryer at all. Gardening early in the morning. When we want shade, we erect a platic portable gazebo thingy. We got it at a garage sale and its been our favorite gardening tool for two years.

  7. That gazebo sound useful! The heat is down a bit this morning, but the humidity and the threat of severe storms remains. Yesterday, wind did more damage around my house than the tornado did. My possessions are scattered all over the front, back, and side yard.


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