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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Canning Bacon

Have you ever thought about canning bacon? I have only thought about canning chicken and cuts of beef. But, accidentally I ran across this video with a demonstration on canning bacon. First of all, let me tell you he does a dozen things wrong. I laughed lots and think I might try this. I don't really eat much bacon, but this looks like a deal that would keep me in bacon for years at a low cost, especially if I had a pressure canner to can meat and lots of cheap bacon.

I am not recommending this until further investigation, but if you can can sausage, which I have heard of, I see no reason that bacon cannot be canned.

This could be better, but I am wrapped up with the ac off, running a high temperature, sufferering from draining sinuses. Now, my throat is getting terribly sore. I have body aches. And, I hate to be ill in the summer!

A can of chicken broth is in order. Sinus meds and aspirin have just been taken. Now, my head has starting hurting...whine...whine.

Your turn
Have you ever canned bacon? Know anyone who has? Can you share the results.


  1. I've not pressure canned yet. I'm afraid of it. I hope you feel better soon. Let us know:)

  2. LindaM, I was terrified of my pressure cooker that my mother bought at a yard sale for me. A friend showed me how to use it ten years after I received it. It is not scary at all now. I still have raging temperature, sore throat,head ache, body chills, I am going to the doctor today.

  3. I'll stick to frying my bacon on the rare occasion I eat it, lol.

    Feel better soon!!

  4. TLC, Thanks. I thought I felt better after one dose of antibiotics, noooo. So I walk around, wobbling at each step and fall down in my chair, exhausted.

    Oh, he fries it to eat. The advantage of canning bacon is so that you do not have to depend on electricity to store you would if you had frozen the bacon. It is sort of gross sounding and looking. A woman took some out of the jar and friend some and baked some. It is all the same once you cook it. It is a rare occassion for me too. Since I have bacon, a huge tomato, and Romaine for the lettuce, tomorrow I will have a BLT.


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