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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Men wearing Utilikilts

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camo kilts?
I ran across a blogger who said she bought Utilikilts at 8 for $10 at a thrift store. She sold them for $1000+ on eBay. It seems men wear them at Burning Man and Renaissance fairs.

This is not intended as advertising. And, I hope they don't mind me using their pictures.

After mulling it over, I just had to take a look. Then, I watched a commercial or two. Why on earth would a man wear a kilt while at a forge or using a torch? Beats me. This is entertaining and educational.

You might like 101 reasons to wear a utilikilt. This list is as edgy as I will get on this blog. You will have to find it yourself on the Utilikilt site in the link above. It is quite funny.  I love it when they refer to wimpy men in pants, or is it men in wimpy pants. ???

My exbf has a kilt, in Scottish plaid, however. I have never seen him in it. Now, I must.

Right after my comment on the blogger's windfall of kilts, this post went far away from parsimony, thrift stores, money or anything I think is good for my views. So, be entertained cheaply.
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Your turn
Am I the last person on earth to hear about Utilikilts? Does your guy wear kilts of any sort? How would you feel about him wearing these utilikilts?


  1. I saw these on several men at a fair I attended recently. I was confused by tbe lack of plaid. Now I know. Never heard of or seen them before.
    My husband wears sarongs around the house. He got in the habit on his travels through SouthEast Asia. Not a kilt, not in public but hr enoys the " freedom", if you will;)

  2. I have one friend locally who rather regularly wears a utilikilt. I've also seen it done at plenty of concerts and music festival though not all of those were true utilikilts, some where just regular plaid kilts and others were just hippie skirts.

    I think that it's too bad more men cannot wear skirts/kilts/sarongs in our culture. They are so comfy as well as nice and cool on a stifling day! That said its never even occurred to me to ask Matt if he wants to get one. It is not part of his upbringing. It'd be too weird I think.

  3. BLD, I just hung up from talking to my friend who wears the kilt occassionally. He was very stuffy about what I told him. He said that Renaissance fairs would chase people off if they wore the kilts that were not authentic because the ren fairs wanted things VERY authentic. He did not mean chase as in taking sticks and running after the men in utilikilts. He meant disapproval and shunning them.

    Since I have never been to a Renaissance fair, I have no opinion. I have lots of chances to go, but the couple who invited me were just a wee bit too much into it for me to with them and spend days.

    Skirts are certainly cooler than pants. Matt looks like the type who would really look good in a kilt...rugged. He could pull it off easily. But, since I have never seen him in anything but one of his own tie-dyed tshirts, I am not sure....would his shirts go with a kilt?

  4. BLD, We had an argument about this, if you can believe it--one reason he is exbf. I disagreed that the ren fair people would take offense and the garment.

  5. Oh, Linda, your response really did make me laugh out loud. I agree, he is rugged enough to pull it off, but matching all the tie-dye might be tricky! : )

    I've never been to renaissance fair, but am intrigued by the idea. I could see that some of them would take period accuracy rather far. We have battle reenactments here and I think that is how those folks are too.


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