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Monday, November 1, 2010

High-tech vs. Low Tech for Christmas ~~TOYS: When Grandma was a little girl

Okay, I had a post ready, but this is better. How many high-tech toys will you deem it necessary for your child, toddler, or baby to get from Santa or you? I am talking high-tech from computers to baby toys that light up or make a sound when a button is pushed. Maybe it only has an AA battery. That IS high-tech.

If you don't do Santa for any reason, that's okay, but it's not what this is all about. This can be about toys for any occassion. I just mentioned Santa because it is just about that time of the year.

I won't do the article an injustice by trying to paraphrase it. But, the purpose of learning or entertainment devices is discussed in Toys: When Grandma was a little girl with great clarity. Cultivating learning skills trumps just getting information.

There is nothing wrong with a computer or a baby toy with flashing lights. So, don't think I am ranting about technology.

My oldest child who is 42 now played with a small box for hours when he was about a year old. I was fascinated with his fascination. It did nothing, had few primary colors, was very silent, but he loved it above all his toys.

Okay, you want what is best for a child? Read the article. Have you had learning experiences that were low-tech, slow-paced, and valuable with a child? Share with us.

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