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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Major cooking today

Whew! Being parsimonious has its ups and downs. I benefit from the "ups" and get over the "downs."
~~24 meals of meat in the oven for about $8~~

Frugally exhausted,
Linda--parsimonious and practical

Yes, it is true. I like the economy of cooking bursts. You must know that by now. For at least 2 weeks I won't need to cook meat. I might decide to open a can of tuna or make salmon croquettes. But, I don't have to use the oven if I don't want to.

In the oven--4 chicken thigh-leg quarters and 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts. This will make 12 meals from the thigh/legs and about 12 meals from the breasts. So, that's 24 meals of meat in the oven, all cooking at once. I store the quarters in freezer and feed to friend when he comes to help me and send the rest home with him. He reports at least three and maybe four meals from each quarter. The breasts are for me...I am picky.

My seasoning is a celery rib, slice of bell pepper, free onions (red, chopped, from freezer) and a bit of salt, pepper, and a whisper of sage.  The sage won't be so evident that it tastes or smells like Thanksgiving.

The quarters were free and boneless, skinless breast were less than $1/lb, on sale for half price. Corn and apple were both free.

Happily, the chickens will get all the skin and be in chicken seventh heaven for about a week. Then, my friend brings back ALL the bones, more skin, and gristle that he freezes for the chickens. They are delirious when they get chicken.

My only ear of corn resides in foil to bake for me. Plus, the only baking apple is cooking in a little dish. I only had one of each.

Broth--chickens get the fat and I freeze the rest.

Oh, I am going out to eat tonight--free dinner where I bring home loads of scraps from the plates for the hens.

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