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Monday, November 15, 2010

Reusable Bags May Be Contaminated with Toxic Substance

China importing toxins again
Great, just great. China intends to just send in poison to overcome us. Is this a Trojan Horse? Thankfully, I never purchase the bags I possess, but several have come into my possession. You can view the video report and see the information.

I am assuming these are the ones that feel funny. Yes, the bag is made of something besides cotton or nylon--polyethylene terraphthalate.

Tolerable daily intake
Hmmm, so if I get this tolerably daily intake from a dozen sources a day, I am over the limit for a toxin.
Besides, antimony, PET, and phthalates get a poor health grade in this Widipedia article. I know. I know. I am the first to avoid Wikidpedia. Check the primary sources.

My toxic bags

The bag may not be toxic, but why take chances? This bag stores bags of rice in my kitchen, so I hauled it up on the counter to photograph. Bye, bye, Earthbound Farm Organic.

Those yellow counters are out-of-date, I am told. But, they are paid-for and wake me up in the morning.

Bye, bye, bags
However, I will not give away my store bags that are reusable. I cannot in good conscience give them away for someone else to handle. No, I will not compost them and put toxins in my compost. I suppose they are fodder for the landfill.

This is a better, cheaper option!

 I either got these free or paid a quarter or less. I am not picky about the logo as long as it is decent and not something I would ethically prefer not to be seen carrying. They were on their way to the car when I threw them up on the chair to take this picture. Don't look at the dusty fake plant!

The dirty marks on the wall are remnants of the baby raccoons' attempted escape. The wall has been washed once and needs something stronger or just to be repainted!

Your turn
Does this video and information bother you? What will you do with your bag that is made of the soft cloth-like fabric and made in China?

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