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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dog after my chickens now

Dogs are not allowed to run loose. We have leash laws. This big wolf-like dog is all over the place, unattended. Or, the owner is four blocks behind, not what the law specifies--dog must be under owner's control all the time.

I heard an excited "buck, buck, buck" and thought there was a squabble amongst the hens over a bug. No! Pretty soon, they were screaming and running. I ran out and grabbed a shovel leaning on the porch step railing. I met Thelma and Louise, running for their lives as I rounded the back of the house. The dog, fast behind, stopped and snarled when I screamed. Well, I screamed again after he snarled, threw up my arms wide and high, rushing this ferocious dog. I am terrified of dogs but I would have wrestled him for my chickens.

He ran one way, and I ran around the other side of the house to see if I could find Fancy. But, he was gone when I got to the front, and so were all the hens. Finally, I saw Louise, cowering by the back fence in some cover. I picked her up and put her in the dog-proof pen. I called, "Delilah," over and over--also called their names. (Delilah is their food call.) Then, Thelma appeared at the pen and I picked her up and put her in. Poor little Fancy, the smallest, most prolific egg layer, the one who follows me and "talks" to me was still missing.

I set out more slowly around the house, examining each bush and calling her name. Finally, I heard a tiny noise and kept calling softly. My heart was pounding once again, but with joy this time but also with fear. She sounded hurt, almost dead. Finally, I spotted her and coaxed her from the huge bush--good cover, smart girl!  I carried her all the way from the front yard to the back with no complaints from her. She was frightened and so was I. We hugged.

Since I have all the chicken cooking in the house, I am afraid that the hour I am gone to the dinner that the raccoons will be tempted from the attic by the smell of food. I may take my hens with me for an hour.

Animal Control or city police are going to issue a citation for the owners of the dog when I find out who they are.

Am I sounding like the crazy chicken lady yet?


  1. Poor little chicks.... Thank goodness they are alright. Just take them with you when you leave your house.

  2. De-ette, I am going to have to get a pickup truck if I start hauling chickens With great fear, I left them alone for an hour. But, I left all 13 bulbs in the den on. And, I left music on, horrible music. The hens were making noise when I returned, something they never do an hour after I cover them up. They did not like the music because I make no noise after they are covered up. Laptop keys clacking are all that happens. Oh, yeah, they are not happy when Little House on the Prairie music comes on too loud. If I do dishes, I am in another room. Poor babies to have a mama chickie who cannot afford a secure place for them. I need to make their pen outdoors secure with fabric cloth, the welded wire for securing places against animals. I hate raccoons.Linda

  3. Stupid owners of loose dogs. You did good, very brave of you.
    I lost a chook from a snakebite last week.
    Lovely people love chooks, I reckon.


  4. At least I don't have snakes! I hope? All the girls are snug in their cage IN the house, covered with a sheet and my old, raggedy coat. The coat blocks the light. I am going to put a "donate" button on here for Paypal so I can get them a secure place that is not so much trouble. It's good to hear from you in AU.


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