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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farming

chickens on factory farm photo
Chickens unnaturally raised to maximize profits

Only after the last tree is cut down,
The last of the water is poisoned,
The last animal is destroyed...
Only then will you realize
You cannot eat money.
                                                          Cree Indian Prophecy

Factory farming gives us meat that is much cheaper than organically raised, ethically raised, and humanely raised meat. But, at what cost? Watch the video, A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth about Factory Farms to see the horrific damage done to the water, land, and human lives to satisfy our taste for meat, a voracious appetite, matched only by corporate greed, fuels big factory farms that flout the rules, poisoning all in the meantime. It seems that Europeans understand the need to stop practices we still continue.

I like and eat meat
In no way am I suggesting that anyone give up meat. I eat meat. I like meat! Eating less would be better for me. You make your own decisions on that issue. In case you got this far without watching the video, it is not about giving up meat. That is not an issue in this post and hopefully not the gist of your comments!

Your turn
Do you live in Arkansas? Or, in any area where factory farming happens? Have their been problems with the waste in the water?


  1. Here in Kentucky the poultry farms are popping up everywhere. There was even a local farm featured on the documentary Food, Inc. I don't know about the wastes in the water, but the stench from these farms is incredible. When Hubby and I ride the motorcycle, the noxious odors of these poultry farms can sure ruin the beautiful scenery. The smell is SO MUCH WORSE and further reaching than any local pig farm ever generated.

  2. I would love to live in the country here in Alabama. But, As you say, the stench overpowers all other nature experience. When you see a green pond, it has "turned over." People mistakenly dig a pond at a low point on their farm. They should dig one higher up to avoid runoff. I read that a fly can smell meat for 4.5 miles. So, people in the country near chicken farms must contend with flies even if the stench does not reach them. Thankfully, my three remaining hens do not produce much smell or flies. However, I am not taking care of their pen like I should. I would have thought pigs farms would be worse. Does anyone know why chicken farms are worse than pig farms? Oh, in the car I am overpowered even with the ac set to recirculate inside air as opposed to pulling in "fresh" air. Please don't lose control of the cycle in your ride through the polluted air. It would be hard for me to balance and Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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