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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fancy This

Okay, this is not a chicken blog, but Fancy jumped in her cage for the first time. This saves me time and saves my back. Here goes, and I promise I will stop the chicken pictures.

Fancy just came in the house
Fancy often comes in at bedtime IF the door is open. I swoop her up and put her in the pen. No pooping in the house is the rule around here! Tonight, I heard her and went to see what she was doing. Fancy had jumped on top of their closed cage. I ran to get the camera after I took her off and put her out of the house and opened the cage for her. When I came back, I took some very blurry pictures. Sorry, but I think I was walking when I took the first one. She had just jumped back in the house.

Fancy, sitting on the edge of cage

And, then....

Fancy inside the cage all on her own! This is a first.
 Good girl! Now, to show the other two how it is done!

Yes, the floor is dirty, but I swept it there! I cannot sweep, carry a hoe or shovel or anything besides food and expect them not to be just terrified.  So, I put it away.The picture color is funky, and I am not sure why. The junk on the porch is leaving here.

Today, I got two eggs from the three of them. Keeping them in the dark for two more hours than normal is not helping egg production.

No more chicken tales for a week--Promise.

Your turn
Honk if you have chickens.

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