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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reusable Canning Lids

It seems that if I think of something long enough, it shows up. This last week I was wondering what all the canners will do if there is a point where we cannot obtain canning lids, "flats" I call them. It is prudent to can, thrifty to can, and healthy to can. Relying on a freezer is not prudent if storms knock out electricity. Canned food is safe even if the power is off for an extended time.

Finding flats (lids) for canning is often a pain even in the best of times. However, if something catastrophic happened to our nation or economy, finding flats might be difficult, if not impossible.

From an economical point of view buying flats and not reusing them can play havoc with a budget and canning season. Reusable canning lids/flats makes more sense. As I was ruminating the various ideas, I wished for reusable lids/flats.

Today, I went to a favorite blog and found the answer--reusable lids/flats. The owner of the blog is a prepper and a Mormon. Mormon sites have the neatest ideas. She has the best news I have heard in a long time.

Adventures in Self Reliance has a source for reusable canning lids/flats. As she points out in her blog, 2-3 uses of the lids would make them less expensive than the disposable lids.

Has anyone else used these? Can you tell us your opinion of the reusable lids?

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