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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eggs in My Pocket

When I gather eggs from my hens, I never need a container. First of all, there are only four hens. Secondly, I rarely find four eggs at once. Thirdly, I can carry all four in my hands and pockets.

Usually, there is only one egg. I go out several times each day and talk to my hens, let them out of the pen, oversee their ramblings in my yard, and have various other encounters with them. So, I get the eggs as they are laid, often getting really warm eggs or egg for my pocket.

One day, I left an egg in my pocket for four hours before I realized it was still there. Amazingly, it was not crushed or even cracked. Someday, my luck will run out.

Often, I go out to sit in my swing and put the egg or eggs on the picnic table. Foolishly, I placed one there yesterday, placed it where it would roll. And, it did--right off the table and it cracked. The hens found it and just went crazy! What running and squawking there was. And, I was running right along behind and squawking for them to stop.

I don't mind them eating their own eggs if I prepare them. Maybe they will develop a taste for their own eggs? No, obviously it will take more than one broken egg since all the eggs were untouched in the nest.

When the hens are out and I decide to go to the store, I just put them up and leave without coming back into the house. That means that somedays there is an egg that I get and take with me. Yes, I carry eggs in the car.

While searching for my insurance card during a traffic stop. I discovered an egg deep in the recess of the console that goes under the dashboard. I brought it in the house to see if it were salvageable. Folks, I cracked it and will spare you the details. As I retched and tied it in plastic and rushed it outdoors to the trash, I swore through my tears I would never put an egg in the car again.

Eggs in my pockets work better.

Yes, this is a frivolous post.

Now, who can tell me an egg story? Do you ever take your eggs along for a ride? Do you discover an egg in your pocket when you go the bathroom and feel the bump on your calf? LOL...tell me something to make me laugh.


  1. I used to put eggs in my pockets too. Until the day I grabbed a feed bag out of the car and squished three eggs in the front pocket of a hoodie sweater. What a mess!

  2. Wendy, after I read your comment to my friend, he reminded me of Lucy and Ethel hiding eggs in their pockets. They had moved to the country and were raising hens for eggs. The hens did not lay. So, Lucy and Ethel bought eggs to put under the hens so Ricky and Fred would not know the hens were not laying. So, Lucy and Ethel hid the eggs in their pockets,down their dresses so they had a beer belly and in back pockets, making them bulge. Then, the women ran into doors and all sorts of things happened, so that they had broken eggs in tehir clothing. Wendy, were you part of the troupe? LOL. At least I can turn these pants pockets wrongside out. Thanks for sharing.


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