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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Frugal Halloween Shopping

Mailing  surprises

Since my grandchildren are 1000 miles from me, I am always mailing little inexpensive (read--onsale)(read--deep discount) gifts. If they could visit often, the small items could be handed to them. Maybe I would even know what they wanted. Even if we talk on the phone...okay, how much does a two-year-old say?...there is little evidence of their interests. Parents convey things, but still....not the same.

Sticker shock

Halloween items are over-priced! My parsimonious nature will not allow me to buy a $3 pair for Halloween socks even if they are sooooo precious and sooooo cute! I like items when they are marked to 90% off. Even better is getting little-used items at yard sales. When socks are marked down to 40 cents in January, I am happier.

After Holiday Sales

Last year, I bought $3 pairs of socks for 40 cents--my kind of gift. My grandson who is 5 and granddaughter who is 3 will be getting two pair apiece...$1.60  for those. A bandana for him cost 25 cents. Tights for her cost 50 cents. Adult Halloween socks for their mother cost 40 cents.

The Halloween Jello jigglers molds were free with Jello. The children will receive no candy since they will have plenty from Trick or Treat and relatives.

I was the recipient of a child's orange knit pullover, sleeveless garment that I can only describe as a vest. It has four cats knit into the front. The four tales are on the back. It is so precious, just right for a three-year-old girl.

The rings were from a large package of rings bought about 6 years ago. Each ring may have been less that a penny. I have forgotten.

5 pair socks   @ 40 cents = $2.00
1 Jello mold  @ $0          = $0
1 tights          @ $0.50      =$0.50
4 rings@       @$0.01       =$0.04
1 vest            @ $0           =$0
Total                                 =$2.54

Postage sticker shock

Now for the kicker--the postage will be around $5. The total I will spend (gifts and postage) will be $7.50! Outrageous! If I had paid full price for everything, the total would be over $25. If I did not shop deep discounts and yard sales, they would get nothing. I do have a Halloween card that cost me about a nickel. So, that would have been their only greeting from Memaw.

Since I have to pay for the little box that can be filled with any weight, and the price will be the same, I definitely WILL fill it. Maybe I will put a tube of free toothpaste in the box! Or, two tubes! That will raise the retail value considerably. Now that I am thinking about it, I will probably just fill the larger box to the brim with free things I have acquired. I was going to send the tiny $5 box, but the larger $10.70 box makes more sense.

The free Werther's candy I received tonight will stay here to keep me company! Don't you love coupons and sales?

And, those are just the two grandchildren in Texas!

The grandchildren in NYC have a box on the way to them. It is a larger box and less Halloween intensive. The almost-16-yr-old is getting some hand-me-down DVDs, more notebook paper, and a jester-like crown with bells...?? It is Halloween, so he can find some use for it.  And, he is in theatre. The granddaughter has a half-dozen pair of leggings and tights and 5 shrugs. Tights and leggings were fifty cents a pair and shrugs were $2.50 on sale with 75% off sale price. She is nine and NEEDS shrugs. Well, that is what she told her mother. All her things were on sale. I decided the Halloween gloves were just too cute NOT to send her. Yes, she will probably wear them all winter, rotating with her other gloves. I sent my daughter a can of my free peaches. She loves peaches. I sent free toothpaste, too. Value in that box--over $120 and the items cost me about $20. Nothing cost full price and all items were bought over time in dribs and drabs. Price for items and to mail it=$30.

Since the nine-year-old declared to her mother, "Memaw's the BEST!" when she opened one of my boxes, how can I resist?

Does anyone else buy their Halloween goodies at sales or yard sales? Share your Halloween thrifty ideas. We all love inspiration!

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