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Friday, October 22, 2010

Raccoon menacing me outside the house--Howlin' Heat

Chapter eight

I just hope it is not, madder than hell because it thinks its kits are still in the house.

The hens were in the pen from 7 am until 11:30 am while I slept. Then, from 2 pm until 4 pm they were loose in the yard.  From 4pm to 6 pm they were penned up while I hooked up a computer from someone and bought coyote urine. I allowed them out at 6:15 pm when I got home. At about 6:30 pm, I was sitting on the back step with their cage and fresh paper as they scratched and pecked contentedly. I was out there to guard them!

All of a sudden they were bick, buck, buck, rapidly and excitedly as they looked at each other and me. Finally, I noticed they seemed to focus on a certain place beyond me. I looked and a raccoon was halfway through the vent opening in the foundation of the house, ready to grab a hen. I screamed bloody murder, dropped my cell that I was chatting on, and started jumping around, thrashing my arms to scare her.

I was all atwitter, running about, anguished at the danger, and yelling at my hens who were thoroughly frightened of me now. They don't understand, "Hurry, come here, hurry, let's get in the pen, come on, hurry, ooooh noooo, come on pretty babies." Yeah, that coupled with lunges at them really calms them down.

Thelma flew up five feet to the porch railing. The others were just flying up, trying to land on the window sill and who knows what! Between the raccoon and me, they were so afraid they probably will quit laying for a few days.

So, standing still beside the cage, I talked softly and calmly like I do when I want them to come to me or the cage. After about five seconds all three rushed to me when they decided I was not a mad woman. I had too little sleep last night and too much caffeine today. One even jumped on the cage and the other two were trying to figure out how to get between the bars to get in.

When I put them in the cage, they stood or sat calmly as I carried them up the steps and into the back door.

I had called the police as soon as the raccoon came in sight. They arrived after the hens were safe. The policeman saw the raccoon peeking out several times. Two other policemen came. They stood around and moved my live trap to the opening at another part of the house.

For bait this time I put a whole egg in the trap. Maybe that will work.

Oh, coyote urine? I was told by an outdoor store (hunting, fishing, trapping, guns, taxidermy, bow, and arrows) that coyote urine would keep them from the perimeter. How do you get a coyote to pee in a cup? Never mind. He sold me something that he assured me should work--Code Blue Howlin' Heat Coyote Attractant.

If I have coyotes come around, I am in big trouble.

This stuff had just been sprayed on the vent hole where the raccoon was standing and looking at me. I mean, she had her feet where I sprayed it. Anyone have any ideas about whether this will work or not. I plan to put a cotton ball in a plastic bag, soak the ball, seal the bag, and then poke a tiny few holes. I want scent in the air, not in the wood or ceiling tiles. If I put it up there with a reacher, then I can remove it later.

Got any ideas of how to deal with this raccoon? I don't care how bizarre or cruel it is! Write to me at Remember, it starts with two--pp.

Please don't suggest to stop up the holes where they got in. I want the raccoons gone. They will just dig back in through the ceiling. And, the holes they have made from the basement to get up here may never be found without razing the house. Oh, yeah--I cannot afford an exterminator. Thanks.

Okay, there was only one raccoon that was stalking around all night after the babies were caught. Now, I hear romping, snarling, and definite sounds of more than one raccoon.


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