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Friday, October 29, 2010

Free Trick-or-Treat Candy for Halloween

Last year, before I became Practical Parsimony, I was frugal, thrifty, and looking for ways NOT to spend and still have what I wanted and needed, all legally, of course.

I used my credit for recycling cartridges and toners. Office Max has a program, Max Perks, that now has $6.00 credit in my recycling accout. Yes, OM sells the big bags of candy. I actually did have to pay $2, so I should have said almost free. Since I will probably eat $2 worth of the $8 worth of candy, the candy for Trick-or-Treaters is actually

Supposedly, kids hate little Tootsie Rolls. Too bad. I love them and will have a pocketful as usual, warming them up so I don't lose a filling, chewing on cold Tootsie Rolls.

My total for Max Perks recycling so far will be about $100.00 for January. I am finagling that to where I can use it in December to get cameras for two of my grandchildren. Last year, I managed to get a $189.00 camera for me for $22 after my recycling credits and a sale.

Will your Halloween have any frugal elements? With my free tombstone decorations for the lawn and now free candy, this is going to be one splendid parsimonious celebration for this corner! Do you have pictures you can show us? Will your blog have pictures of Halloween decorations from your home?

Update: Aargh! I broke down and opened the Tootsie Rolls at 3 pm. Now, it's about 5 pm. I was sick from eating them an hour ago.

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