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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Straight From The Trash: Nome to Atlanta

And, it is RED

While in the hallway of a climate-controlled storage unit, I decided to look in the trash can. Sitting inside the trash can all alone was this nice people of luggage. Most carry ons of this brand are at least $150 and some are $450. I looked up the brand on the front--Ricardo Beverly Hills. The model is not evident. This is a carry on bag with only one problem--one zipper is broken about four inches from the beginning.

Tags show the bag traveled from Nome, Alaska to Atlanta, Georgia.
The top will not flop open, giving really easy access, but it is still an okay piece of luggage. Nothing will fall out the broken zipper area. However, I am not planning on traveling with it. I will use this for storage of material I am removing from my sewing room or I will store out of season clothes in it. Maybe this will be my "gift drawer" for things I have cheaply gathered for gifts.
It pays to look in trash cans.  Do you look in trash cans? This smells nice (no BO or moldy smell) and the trash can was empty. The carry on did not even touch the sides of the can!
Exbf was with me. I have corrupted him. He had never gone dumpster diving or looked in trash cans for items that were useful.
Your turn
What have you found in the trash lately? Ever? You don't look in trash cans? Oh.


  1. Hi Linda, thanks for the comment about my gloves on Meanqueens blog. Good idea.
    Sorry I have not commented for a while, I always read but dont often comment. (mainly due to my cold hands LOL). We had a very heavy hail storm the other day. The hail was the size of grapes. I am glad I was not outside in it, I bet it hurt. It was very loud on the windows and roof, quite scary.
    Its a beautiful sunny day here today and I am getting restless indoors. I think I will have to go out and get a bit of sun on me. Have a good day.

    P.S. Love the suitcase, I have a big old case that I keep some of my fabric stash in. Its soooo heavy I am glad its got wheels on so I can move it.

  2. Eileen,
    You know I understand about the cold hands. Just cut the tip of the gloves out. Keep cutting them to get them short as you need to type.

    I have never been in hail, but I imagine it would hurt. Little acorns, not nearly so heavy hurt me when I am pelted. I fear sometimes I a going to lose a window to hail.

    Suitcases with wheels make perfect storage because of wheels. I certainly could not lift a box that heavy. Here's hoping we both get warm hands soon.


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