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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Saturday at the Food Bank

We get to choose what we want--1 meat and 10 other items. I chose and got:

*2 chicken leg quarters
*black pepper
*peanut butter
*corn (for chickens)
*can of pumpkin
*hot chocolate
*toilet paper

To give you an idea of my choices

Any of these meats:
*grilled chicken strips (pressed meat)
*chicken leg quarters
*ground chuck

Ten of these: (I won't list what I chose and got above.)
The items in italics are things I might possibly get or things I have chosen before

*cheese slices *French fries *egg white omelets *mac and cheese

*crackers *corn meal *salt  *tea bags

*grits *Vienna sausage or smoked sausage *Hamburger Helper

*jelly *cereal *rice (white) *ketchup *Miracle Whip or Mayonaisse

*mustard *salad dressing *hot sauce *evaporated milk *prunes

*ramen noodles *soup *tomato sauce *pickles *instant potatoes

*instant potatoes *dried pinto beans *corn *green beans *English peas

*mixed vegetables  *pork and beans *Jello (reg or sugarfree)

*gelatin (reg or sugarfree) *Kool Aid *fruit drink *candy

*freezer pops * Cake mix *Frosting *baby formula *toothpaste

*shampoo *soap *Dove body wash *aluminum foil *Ajax cleanser

*dish detergent * toilet paper or paper towels

I get fewer items here, but I actually get more items I want and will use and that are not fattening. Plus, I don't get the food I do not deem unhealthful.

Some people say food banks don't give fresh produce. This one does. I got potatoes, peppers, and bell peppers.

An explanation: I never buy toilet paper and use washcloths.  You have read that, and it is true. This I get free is for company or the unusual times that, for various reasons, I do use toilet paper. One reason I might use toilet paper is that there are no more wash cloths in the bathroom because I have not folded them.

Your  turn
Were you aware that some food banks give produce? Give people choices?


  1. Some food banks and garden clubs really encourage 'grow a row for the homeless', an extra row of something in the garden to be donated.

    I never got produce or choices years ago when I required their services.

  2. This is one of two that gives choices. A friend and I trade food when we to to a food bank that does not give a choice.

    Local farms donate excess or unfit to sell items--sweet potatoes that are only three inches long. Food banks do say, "Do you want xxxx?" Some people do not want food to cook unless it is meat.


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