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Sunday, November 11, 2012

An Extra $60 for Christmas

Throughout the year, I spend about 2 minutes each day making this money. That boils down to my working for about $5/hour. However, I can work in my pajamas without brushing my teeth or wearing shoes or a bra. I can do this semi-reclining. What do I do that means so much right now?

I use Swagbucks to search for anything, even if I know the address already. I was really afraid to put a search bar from Swagbucks on my computer, just knowing I would not like the consequences. However, it very unobtrusive and effective.

About the two minutes spent on getting points: I already spend a certain amount of time searching, so this two minutes is on top of time already spent on searches. I don't spend an additional two minutes on each search, just spread over the day. I think someone got the whole concept wrong. I type in address on the swag bar even if I can type it directly in the address bar or have it saved on my computer. I type in yahoo and hotmail addresses for my emails. And, often I get 30 points in a day going to my email, something I already check several times each day.

Once, I scored 39 points for a single search. Regularly I get 8 or 9 or 12 points. It takes me about one month to earn $5. That does not seem like much, but $60 at the end of the year is great for me. You could do much better.

Of course, I was totally lost and did not know all the neat features on the toolbar because I just did not care. I never use all the ways I can earn more points. I hate playing games or doing surveys, but they are profitable. You may be more patient and earn more. I just use 450 points to buy a $5 Amazon card and move on to earning the next $5. And, I never pay shipping because I pick and choose what I want to buy and look for free shipping. You don't have to wait until Christmas to redeem your Swagbucks.

When I first put the Swagbucks widget on my blog, it was huge and unsightly. I have a new one, still large but nice and skinny. Okay, I have seen tiny widgets, but I cannot find one. It appears you can click on the bottom part of my widget and get one for yourself.  Maybe I can search on my widget. Maybe I get points. Update: I did search on my widget. So, search here or go get your own by clicking on the little grey tag at the bottom of the Swagbucks widget at the right side of this post.

As you can see, I am still unclear on all the ways to earn points. Maybe someone has a palatable way I can earn more points other than games or watching videos.  I just know that next year I will work on using another way to earn more Swagbucks. One thing that surprised me was the way the searches work. Once I searched, I might click to the second page or go on clicking pages to find the article I wanted to read. Sometimes, the points are awarded only after clicking to subsequent pages.

UPDATE: Someone just emailed me, saying she did not have time. I was trying to emphasize that my $60 took little to no extra time. Did I not make this clear? The two minutes is spread over searches all day long.

Your turn
Do you use Swagbucks for your searches? Do you earn Swagbucks in a way that might be acceptable for me?


  1. I've never heard of it, but on the other hand, once I found google I never looked further. I'm one of those people who never changes anything I get used to.

  2. I wondered what Swagbucks were. How lovely to have some extra cash for Christmas!

  3. I wondered myself for several years. Then, I decided it might work and not be a scam. Try it yourself. I think you can get your own swidget at the bottom of mine. Or, just go get it on will enjoy buying on Amazon.

  4. I just got my first prize -- a $15 Groupon giftcard, a free giftcard on top of a discount :)

  5. That's great! I love discounts and free. Congratulations!


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