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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snake in the Basement...Rat...Pot

Do you remember when I found a snake in the basement, sitting there, sunning? A few months later, I found the skin above. Actually, half the skin has fallen down. The basement walls are mostly rock. Maybe you can see that.

So, the rat story is going to continue here. See the semi loop at the top of the picture, the very top? See the thing hanging to the left of it? When this house was remodeled many years ago, the carpenters working for the contractor cut a hole about a foot long and six inches wide for the 220 cord, the semi loop, the fit through. He was fit to be tied!

 Fast forward 25 years. I had a rat!!! come in my house each night and nibble bananas. After a week of puzzlement and traps and searching and baiting the basement, I saw how it all happened.

Left of the semi loop is a rag hanging from the kitchen floor above.  A rat used the curtain and then the rag pulled from the hole to gain access. It looks as though something has been pulling at the rag again. So, either I have a rat or a snake trying to gain access. Either way, I am not a happy camper. Now, I have to try to get the rag back up and figure out if the rat is coming in here. I have seen no evidence, so keep your fingers crossed.

Yes, I know that something over the big, rectangular hole would be best. But, I cannot accomplish that and I won't ask exbf because he cannot figure it out or do it. 

Last summer, sunning, outside of window

I was thinking about this pot the other day,
wondering where it was.

Until this pot became dinged, I made jelly in it for many years. I will never buy another enamel pot.
Have you noticed my curtains? One day about 20 years ago, I became thoroughly disgusted with the 1950s Venetian blinds, the real deal. So, I made curtains. Not wanting to invest in  8 rods, I put a nail in the top corners of each window. I took five feet of wire and threaded it through the top casing. I had already securely twisted a loop in one end of the wire. I hooked it on one of the nails  Stretching the wire more tautly than I could today, I wrapped it around the other nail on the opposite window. Voila! I have curtains on a "rod." How do you think people hung curtains before there were curtain rods?
On the way out, I gathered stuff for the trash--six flat dip containers half full of paint poured from gallon buckets--dried out, I am sure. This was a place to work. Now, it sits mostly idle and full of things needing to be thrown away. It looks like a project.
I am feeling so lucky I did not fall going down the outside steps to the basement! I promise I won't try that again alone anytime soon.
Your turn
How do you deal with  a snake or a rat in the basement? Have you ever used wire when you did not want to buy curtain rods? How is your basement today? Messy like mine? Full of spider webs like mine? 


  1. I once made a curtain rod out of a wire clothes hanger, cut and straightened. It worked super.

    I wish I had some advice on the critters in your basement, but I really don't. Good luck and yes, be careful!

  2. I really can't imaging how I would deal with having a snake take up residence in my basement. If you can't close up the hole from the basement side have you considered tackling it from upstairs? Knowing that snakes hunt rats is the most positive aspect. Still, I do not envy your situation.

  3. BLD,
    Using a coat hanger is a good idea. It would just lay straight instead of having to work to make it not sag. I wll keep this in mind.

    The hole is under the stove. So, it is not easy either way. I am going to have exbf push rag back up in the hole. At least, I will know by the placement of the rag whether there has been anything entering the house. I am all of a sudden getting nervous the snake is under the stove...shuddering here!


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