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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Marathon Dishwashing Session & Candy Corn

I was told I was wrong, that the date
did not mean 2010 and they never
put a date on this product.
Plus, I paid $1 and not $2
that I did pay.
All this from manufacturer!
I put the title in the order it looked best. But, I put the text with a picture first. I do know better. Candy Corn is just sugar, but this had a bad taste and mouth feel. So, I checked the date.

On to dishwashing

I know this sounds gross, but I have been washing dishes that have been here a month. Actually, I should say that the sink has not been empty in a month. So, I could wash all and then still have the ones I just used sitting in the other side.Yes, I do wash and do use the dishwasher. However, I never seem to get to the end of them. Yes, they are rinsed and not really gross. I washed for about twelve hours last evening and into the night. Yes. all night. Now, I am at it again.

Some of the ones left were jars that did not get clean in the dishwasher and were put in the sink to hand wash. Others are plastic tumblers rinsed and stacked. Still others had a rusty stain that needed a bit of elbow grease and baking soda.

Why don't I finish? Pain! Plus, I think...I know something is wrong with the dishwasher. More food is left on plates, glasses are murky, and utensils collect gunk. That is why I had jars in the sink. If the dishwasher breaks entirely, I will not cook!

See, it is not that bad. I have washed dishes less old that were casserole dishes, large bowls, and utensils that came out of the dishwasher with something still stuck to them. They needed a good soaking. I did let an iron skillet rust in the sink. Some things just won't fit in the dishwasher. I really need a colander that is small, so that it can fit easily in the dishwasher.

Even though I will have put twenty hours into this session, resting time counts to me. Mostly, I am on my feet and hanging onto the sink with my elbows, battling water that wants to run up my arm. And, it was in the 30s out and frigid inside with no heat.

Do they make disposable pots and pans?

If I cook one day, it is impossible to stand long enough to wash the same day. I do cook enough for several meals, so cooking in large quantities in large pots, pans, and casseroles is the rule for me to avoid lots of messed up dishes each day.

There has never been this big mess in the kitchen. Between pain, cooking, cold, and dishwasher not functioning right, I have had a marathon dish washing session. Last week or the week before, exbf put away dishes as I held onto the counter and took out and stacked and directed him where they went. I do not want to do that again. My shoulder is partially frozen, back is excruciating, and knee has swollen. But, I am determined.

My goal is not to let it get this horrid mess happen again. Next time, I will post pictures. So, that fear will keep me on my Actually, dishes have to wait until the next day, always.

There will be no pictures.

Boring? Yes. Real life? Yes.

In a bit, I will be going to the church dinner that is getting worse as far as quality of food. I love hot dogs, chips, and cake. But, I just don't eat that way at home. I just scrambled two eggs and had a glass of milk so I won't be famished with nothing but junk before me.

Okay, I stopped writing for awhile to hang clothes on the line. Yes, I love punishing pain. Back to the dish pan.

Funny dish washing story

When Mama was about two weeks from giving birth to me, Daddy insisted they attend the Midsouth Fair in Memphis several times. She objected, saying she had to wash dishes. Of course, she was washing them by hand. He promised to do them. This went on for most of the week with him never washing a dish.

At the end of a hard week, she was furious and there were no more dishes. He took a large washtub and put it in the yard. All the dishes went in the tub and soaked. He finally finished. Mama said he was disgusted he did not wash them each day. That may have been the only time he ever washed dishes during their marriage.

No, that is not me.

Your turn
Does the text on the bag say "best by 2010" How is your pain? Have you ever just let dishes or anything else stack up to the point of marathon work sessions?


  1. Linda you are absolutely correct about that date. Where did you buy the candy? My guess is that it was the retailer and not the manufacturer who hung on to out dated product. I have seen grocery managers try to avoid taking a loss on items that they had ordered too much of. I saw one who repacked PASSOVER product to sell at a later date! That wasn't as bad as the time near Easter when I saw HAM glaze on a Passover display! Sometimes you just have to shake your head.

    1. Walmart

      Plus, the company said they do NOT put "best by" dates. That is why they want the package.

      Hanky Panky seems to rule here. I wonder what other "mistakes" have been made.

  2. Rats! That does look like a 'best before' date alright. So much for the mini butterfinger bars. Well, now you have the 'recipe' in case there's a next time.

    1. I made them anyway, using about 2 T of each. I never got around to making balls of them because I waited about one minute and they started hardening due to the frigid house, so I just flattened them and dumped it out. They were delicious.

  3. I read the best by date as 2010, too. Although my pain isn't as bad as yours, it does keep me from doing certain chores. Right now I have kids at home that can do them for me, so things don't stack up except over the weekends. Mondays come and the house is a disaster from the weekend. We let things go so we can keep moving and I get the joy of cleaning it all up on Monday.

    1. Langela,
      My goodness. I did not see this post until a year later! Sorry1


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