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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas When I Was Six-Years-Old

61 years old, 17" x 17"

My mother made this for me when I was six-years-old. There is more to the story that I will tell later. The store-bought toys I got then are all gone, broken, destroyed, discarded.
I hung this on a cold, crisp, sunny day to air.
I love this little quilt. It has batting inside. The other side is identical. I allowed my two older children to see and feel this briefly at different times over the years during their childhoods. Forty-years ago, I thought this was too fragile to play with. Today, I think it would not last long. It won't stay in the sun long today.  The colors are as bright as they were the Christmas in 1952 when I received it from Santa.
Do you have "toys" made for you by your mother or friend or relative, toys that you cherish? Tell me the story, please.
I have many items made for me by both my parents.

Edit: My mother used a scrap for the quilt because even though you cannot see it, there is a seam in the quilt. She used what she had and bought nothing for this. Even though I did not have anything but joy and love for her, I now have a new emotion. I am eternally grateful for her efforts to make my life a joy even though she struggled to find ways to do so.
Your turn
It is your turn to share cherished hand-made, home-made items from your parent or someone you know. 


  1. I also have my baby quilt and will post it in a day or two.

    I'll also tell you where I store some of the hand made quilts from my mother, grandmother and great grandmother!
    I'll be interested to learn if you think my storage spot is a good one or not.

  2. What a treasure indeed. My best Christmas memories all revolve around my grandparents and Christmas at their home. From the antique ornaments on the tree, to the formal Christmas dinner where we got to eat orange sherbet at the beginning of the meal. (They told me it was a palate cleanser, but as a little kid, I was clueless.)

    1. Leigh,
      That is a Christmas memory I don't have, but I can just picture your memory, especially your luck at being given dessert first. I just saw this comment. I don't know why I did not see it sooner.

  3. I love my doll quilt. My mother never made quilts. I am sure my grandmother and ggmother did. My mother helped her mother at home. Mama did make quilts, but not the pieced kind.


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