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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Repotting--first step

Note: I wrote this yesterday. It is noon now. I must get my hair cut at 2:00 p.m. Want to bet I will not get this all done?
Not long ago, this would have been one sweaty, difficult afternoon in the high heat and humidity. All would be re-potted in one afternoon. Not so anymore. I can no longer attain the lofty heights I once could.

I acquired two more plants--boxwood basil and a pepper plant in addition to the flowers I purchased for a dime. These were more pricey--$1.75 apiece but still less than 1/2 the original price. The jalapeno already had one pepper about four inches long.  So, I am out about $10 so far. None of my seeds have been set to germinate. I may just stick to herbs. Everything must be in pots this year.

The drill is for drilling holes in the bottom of those decorative plastic pots. None of these pots cost me over a quarter. I have accumulated them over a few years from garage sales. I had to salvage them from under a bush of wisteria that has decided to grow in the flower bed. I wondered where all my pots had gone. I stacked them in the end of the flower bed last fall when there were no wisteria or plants.
Unfortunately, I did have to buy potting soil. There is a compost pile full of roots! I have a heap of rotting and rotten leaves. Roots for scuppernong have invaded it, so I cannot dig it up. Ex bf will be here on Wednesday, so he may get some for me to mix with this. The potting soil is expensive, so I may just add some of the leaves not quite gone to soil. It will work to increase the volume of "dirt" to fill all the pots without purchasing anything else....promise.

On Tuesday, I must clear this away so I can actually work on the table.  But, this was Monday's work and supplies gathered. I did water all the plants with a nozzle I bought last year that has a really easily-turned adjustment for the type stream of water. Tomorrow, I must round up more pots I just remembered.

Your turn
Have you been forced by your health to alter the way you are able to work in your garden or pots of plants?


  1. I so do NOT have a green thumb. My poor hubby was enlisted to keep our money tree alive in our apartment. So far he's done a great job, hehe :)

  2. adoseoftlc, Okay, there is a money plant, but I don't think you are talking about a plant. I heard the swoosh go right over my head on that joke! LOL I did not have a green thumb either, I thought. Friends who know me as an avid non-gardener are shocked that I know how to do all this. First, I had allergies so horribly that I could not be around dirt or plants, indoors or out. Second, I do read all the time. And, I remember how to do some things with plants. Third, we did have plants in the house and ex accused me of killing them. Ex husband hounded me every day, wanting to know if I watered them today, then "when?" He finally told me he watered them several times a day, trying to keep them alive, but could not undo my damage. I did not have a brown thumb. I had a waterweird, dunderhead for supposedly a partner through life. HE killed the plants. You may be better than you think!

  3. continued--I meant I do and did read all the time about how to work with plants. Now, I mostly just do something and hope it works.

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