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Friday, May 20, 2011

Homemade soap recommendation

This is wonderful soap. I received this from an Internet friend who makes soap and sells it. We made a transaction that involved money and barter. The flying pig shape was more distinct before I used it.

During my five days without hot water following the tornado, I used this exclusively. Having to wash in the bathroom sink with a washcloth and icy cold water did not lead me to use an excess of water for rinsing. In the past if I have not not rinsed soap properly, I got all itchy. Since I was only washing the necessary parts during my five-day ordeal, I was not keen on excessive rinsing with ice water....or itching. Emily's soap works. I did request unscented, I think.

My flying-pig soap did not need lots of rinsing from my body to make me feel it was gone from my skin. I don't know what the difference is, but I highly recommend Emily's soap. I have very sensitive skin and only use Dove. I just wish it had been a setting hen soap.

In the event of any crisis where soap was unavailable, I am stocked up on Dove. This also free Dove soap is the perfect price. However, I am rethinking this stockpile. Four bars of Dove is a good stockpile since I only use about one bar every six months. Actually, I have eight bars. No, I don't let the soap free range in the tub or sit in a pool of soap dish water between uses. So, it lasts me forever, taking one bath each day and sometimes two.

My bar soap is not for hand-washing. I use a pump with various shampoos that did not work out for me or I acquired free. Dove is not wasted on hands. Hence, a two-year supply consists of four bars.

Back to Emily's soap. Try it; you will love it. So the spammers don't get her email address, contact her at this address, just change it to address form--thayerbooks2002 AT Yahoo dot com.  I thought she had a blog, but she does not. Emily sells used books on Amazon, too.

Your turn
I know I am late coming to this realization, but have you found that homemade soap is easier on sensitive skin?


  1. I bought some Amish made soap that I thought was wonderful on my skin, which is overly dried out in winter. I made some soap recently but I haven't used it yet. It is still curing. I think that since most soap makers use no chemicals outside of lye, which discharges in the process, it is a much better choice.
    When we had no running water, we used a solution of baking soda and water to wash with. It doesn't need a lot of rinsing because it doesn't foam.
    We placed gallons of water in the sun to warm it up during the day. If you paint a jug black and use it for solar heating, that helps a lot. Icy water? No frigging way!

  2. LindaM, after the electricity came back on, I finally regained the power to think. The physical stress and emotional strain peaked on about day 7. I thought of the sun, but was wanting to wash up early. Even a quart of warmish water would have made the difference. THEN, I discovered that a fitnes center/gym and a Church of Christ were offereing free showers! I am not going into a public shower, but I would have gladly taken home a vinegar jug of hot water each day to take the sting from the water to get a sink bath and stand in the tub and pour the rest over Since then, I have wanted a 5 gal rubber bladder like a camp shower to hang outdoors and bathe behind a sheet. Good idea about the baking soda. Since the homemade soap was so good to me, I did not have to consider an alternative.

  3. I can only imagine the stress and the fatigue you endured. We went on trial runs without running water at our farm before we had the well dug, but we had electricity, though no cooking fuel. We learned alot during those weeks of roughing it without water and even if it was voluntary, it was very tiring. However, we both know what its really like now. We can device emergency plans in hindsight as a result. An outdoor solar shower is an excellent idea!

  4. Jugs and pots of water,warming out in the sun are more my speed right now and suit my budget rather than the bladder! Of course, for insurance I could go buy the bladder and never face another day without electricity. You know how it goes. I think all my vinegar jugs have found new lives as black-painted storers of heat. Those five days without electricity profoundly changed my life and views on many things. I know that last statement sounds melodramatic.

  5. when we lived in town, a water main broke and we were without running water for a week. since we've lived in the country, an ice storm hit and we were without electricity for two weeks. so I understand the profound changes in life views...being better prepared just makes sense, 'cause stuff happens. love the idea of the solar shower & painting my vinegar jugs black. will save instead of recycle them from now on!

  6. Being without water would sort of negate the worry of HOT water. That makes me grateful I had any water at all.

    Each month, I recycle at least five 1-gallon milk jugs and eight 1- gallon vinegarjugs. NO MORE! I can wash with one gallon of water, using the remainder of the gallon to pour over me as I stand in the tub.


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