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Monday, May 23, 2011

Great blogger posts

Check out The Power of Minutia written by Katy, one of my favorite bloggers. Okay, she is not on my bloglist, but I get her posts in my email. Someone needs to explain to me her "rubberband on eggs" statements.

Hello It's Me has a great post on hand sewing and a challenge a non-sew accepted--hand sew a pair of linen pants. She is in a discussion elsewhere about lost arts and trades. This post should be of interest to all of us. Since I sew, it is of particular interest to me. Sewing is the subject but not the focus of her post. Making shoes is about the only skill I lack when it comes to dressing myself in safe and warm attire.

Over at Root Simple, you can see a Hippie Heart today. I really want a hippie heart. Unfortunately, I am just hippy. I really need a Mr. PP to make these things come true.

Brokeback Mother over at I Am the Working Poor is having a hard time of it fiscally and physically. She reminded me of me last week. Except I had a prescription for the swelling in my knee that made me want to sleep 18 hours each day, and left me staggering about when I resisted sleep. She has many relevant ideas in her blog chronicling life working in Florida.

Molly on Money~One woman and her cashflow issues, has a picture of The Blind Chicken & Her Bandaid. Molly is always so interesting.


  1. Thanks for linking to my post Linda:) No, the focus isn't on sewing but I really enjoyed your comment there. I admire your knowledge in that subject very much. Like I said, you can join my tribe when TSHTF even if you don't know how to make shoes. Neither do I:)

  2. The post with the subjects on which you touched seemed to be a really important concept.

    I may need a home sooner! But, I won't have baggage since I cannot even lift the things I would like to remove (everything) when house is condemned. I understand the sheriff is quite willing to move it all to the curb.(they use inmates) LOL I guess that will be my own personal TSHTF.

    Actually, when I dressed an antique child mannequin that moved, I made a pair of shoes, sort of. I bought the leather, made the pattern and cut the leather, making buttonholes for the buttons. Then, I took the sole pattern to a cobbler who cut the sole and attached the upper. the mannequin never complained about fit or comfort. He has sat on his ottoman for about 13 years at Christmas and those shoes look like new. I have a picture somewhere, and if I ever find it will post it.


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