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Monday, May 30, 2011

Pear tree--victim of tornado

peartreetornadoThis was a huge tree, at least twice the height it is now. It was twisted off at the top. The city has gotten all the top cleared away.

The clump of green to the right is all that is left. Well, there is the small clump of limbs to the left. Sad for the tree and sad for me and all the other people who pick the pears. My hens always got the fallen and split pears.

Sure, we may still have pears, but there will not be the abundance for everyone that there was before. I wonder if this trauma will allow it to bear pears at all this year. Will it die?

Your turn
Have you lost a beloved tree, especially one that gives fruit to the fury of Nature this year? Or, at any time? I am in mourning for this tree. I will be looking for another source of pears. This tree was so near to my house.


  1. How sad! You showed us a pictureof this tree before, didn't you?
    My husband and I are so worried about losing our old heirloom apple tree that we decided to actually graft it to start other heirloom trees. We nearly lost our hazelnut bush thanks to extreme weather but its growing though its stunted now.

  2. LindaM, Yes,I did have a picture of this tree on a post but cannot find the picture in my collection or on my blog. If you get apple seeds, you might be able to start more trees. You have awhile to find out how to make the trees grow from seed. You could try some in pots and in ground. You might have a cash crop in those. A woman here contacts a guy who can tell her exactly how to handle each kind of seed for success. If you contact the extension service, someone will come out to look at the tree and make recommendations on how to revive it, maybe lime in the fall.


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