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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is it live, or is it Memorex?

Okay, I thought these were real peas, dried peas. I ate them with relish. It was amazing how crunchy they were. After I had tasted them, I read the ingredients. Rice was sort of unexpected. Sooo, that is why they were sort of coated in a powder--rice powder. Once, about half way through the bag, I decided to look at the cross-section of the bitten pea. Hmmm, and where is the pea-ness inside? These had the look of a baked good with air pockets. Hmmmm?

Look at the pretty package. Doesn't it look like I bought dried peas? Maybe I wished they were dried peas?

I examined the ingredients: Green peas, corn oil, rice, salt, calcium carbonate, ascorbic acid. For a bag of snack peas, all dried out, that seemed like an okay treat--not good, mind you, but okay and sort of healthy.

No way. They just mushed peas and rice and baked it. Since I was still so drained from the tornado and aftermath and becoming feverish, my best judgment was lacking when I grabbed these.

Do you want to read more? Check out:  or  to see what is up with this new garbage food that pretends to be healthy. Are these pea chips in pea form like potato chips are made into potato slice form? I think so.

Have I been green washed? I do eat junk food, but at least I am aware of the fact when I take the product home! The Snapea Crisps are not nutritionally recommended.  The 3.3 servings were downed in two sittings and in less than 8 hours. If they dare publish the Nutrition Facts, check them out. Right now, BAM is going to close soon.

Your turn
How have you been fooled about processed food lately? Have you bought without really checking the facts and been shocked at what you brought home and consumed?


  1. never know what they will spring on us next...shoppers must be ever diligent & who has the energy to ALWAYS be so?? argh!

  2. I have to say---I love Snap Pea Crisps! We get them very rarely, but as a treat they are nice every now and then.

    Being vegan, I am used to checking every ingredient list before I eat something, so that's not usually a problem for me. What does irritate the heck out of me are artificial colors. Yellow dye being added to banana-flavored muffins is my favorite. Because apparently consumers are too stupid to know a muffin by its smell alone, (not to mention the word "banana" on the packaging) and must have a bright yellow color screaming at them in order to know what is in front of them.

  3. greenveggies,as much as I like bananas, I really dislike banana flavoring which is always in banana anything. In chemistry in hs we made a pineapple smelling concoction. It was chemicals, not real. That tipped me off to the fact that what we buy in the store is fake. And, the yellow is wild since the part of the banana we eat is not yellow.


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