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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My "to do" list for today


Some days are all plan and no do. Actually, I did more than is on the list: sat in swing for a bit, ate leftovers, sorted papers, etc.

The list

*Write and hand deliver a business letter. Written and resting until tomorrow's edit.
*Take donations to thrift store. They are in the car, at least. That is the hardest part.
*Pack books and seal in boxes. Two done.
*Return a blouse that has a seam coming out. In the car.
*Take meat not saved during the tornado to feral bridge cats. In the car
*Take a picture for my blog.
*Get rid of soup. On the curb for free.
*Box up two items that are in the way. Don't have right size boxes!
*Wash two loads of clothing. Done
*Hang two loads of clothing. Done
*Bring in clothes. Done. One load was a rinse only of three pair of black pants.
*Fold clothes
*Crush cans
*Drop videos in library drop. Does it count if they are in the car now, ready for tomorrow?
*Call Tupperware to replace cracked seals and bowls Done. And, it took over an hour.

Okay, so I write an ambitious list. But the day is not done yet. It is only 6 pm.

The blouse, old meat, donations, and videos are in the car. That should count for something. I want to make one trip for all that. Damned can crusher. I feel obligated to at least make it pay for itself. Folding clothes is for movie watching time. The first draft of the letter is written. Tomorrow, I can revise and print.

For some reason, I cannot take a picture of a crocheted item without the item looking blurry. I have taken similar pictures before, so I still should be able to do it again.

I am eating leftovers today, not driving much, and not using the ac--all to be parsimonious. Tonight, I will return blouse, videos, and feed the bridge cats. Really, I hate waste! Even if I were wealthy, I would still keep to my not spending ways.

Tomorrow, I can deliver the letter, make cold call, and deliver the thrift donations. And, I still have leftover chicken and roast for the weekend.

As usual this time of day, 7 P.M., the chickens need their dinner cooked and cage lined with newspapers.

The chickens have been in for three hours and I just finished the call to Tupperware, a post in its own right.

I function better with a visible list. Then, I can scan and prioritize. At the end of this day, I am exhausted but happy I accomplished so much. Okay, some things are only in the car yet marked off. Some days, getting things to the car is the hard part.

Your turn
Are you a veteran list maker like a am, chronically held, addicted by the need to list?


  1. I used to keep running lists in my head but I started to forget all about them so I have to write things down now! I write a weekly list and anything I don't get done gets carried over to the next week which is usually the case for me.

  2. LindaM, same here on lists in head and forgetting. My lists run to the next day. All that is not marked off goes to a new list and more is added daily. I use this as a tool to remind myself that I actually do accomplish things. Often, the mundane is included, like wash dishes or take trash to road. Otherwise, I conclude at the end of the day that I have done nothing and feel tired.

  3. I am a list maker. It really helps me get things done as well as have a feeling of accomplishment when I see all those items crossed off.

  4. BLD,Since my energy supply is as short as my memory is some days, it does help to look back and say, "Yes, I did lots today and met deadlines I set."

  5. I used to be a list maker but haven't lately. your post makes me want to revisit the practice. thx, Linda!

  6. Dmarie, I fall off that wagon occassionally, and important things don't get done. All the little piddly things pile up. Then, I get disgusted and restart listing.

  7. I am a chronic list maker too. I feel much more organized when I have everything written down in my little notebook. It's small enough to keep in my purse or on my bedside table. I use it for my to-do list, a list of meals I want to make, grocery list, errands, packing list, etc. My husband uses electronic gizmos to keep up with his list, but I am a paper gal all the way.

  8. GV,just last night, I decided a very small notebook was just the ticket for my purse and my life right now.


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