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Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine Giveaway--Valentine Cards

In addition to the floating heart candle and bear heads, I have added Valentine Cards for children. Even if you don't have children, you can give these to someone who might just need to cut back on expenses. Or, you can give them away to children. If I were giving a gift to someone, I would not be averse to including one of these cards.

Bear  heads, too
That picture of the bear head looks menacing, not But to see one of the dozen bear heads in the prize and the rules, check out the first post for the giveaway.

Assortment--you choose

Starting from top left clockwise to right:

Tweety Bird cards--21
Princess (small)--27
Puppies and Kittens (forgot to photograph them) 32

Choose what you need and will not throw away. If you want to give them to children other than your own, that's okay. If you do not have children of your own, feel free to enter the giveaway, and give them away again. I hope my count is right on all of these. Some were given to my granddaughter to hand out at school. The count on some looks strange, but some are gone!

The two small Valentines are lenticular: X-Men and Princess. The picture changes when the card is moved. I learned a new word. Had I ever heard "lenticular" and forgotten it? Beats me.

Your turn
Do you remember the joy in childhood of handing out and receiving cards? I do. It was a joyous day. But then, I am a celebrating type of girl! Don't forget to enter if you are a follower and get two entries. If you are not a follower, join and enter. I promise I will have better prizes one day!


  1. I DO remember painstakingly printing every classmate's names on Valentines. Wondering if my Valentines would be as cute as everyone else's. What fun. And Practical, if I weren't trying to become more minimalist, I would sign up for your giveaway. As it is, I'm sure the winner will have fun with it. For me, it is enough of a prize to get to read and enjoy your witty posts!

  2. Oh, you can be a minimalist and give these to a child who might not be able to afford Valentine's without causing a hardship for parents. Or, to a child who just won't get any to hand out. There are more things to come for the box. Yes, Valentines were fun to address.


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