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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reusing heat: Crematorium heats swimming pool plan

Great idea
This is great. In England a city council is discussing using crematorium heat to warm their swimming pool.  Read the information in the link. I think it is a great, green move. I woul not think it was creepy to swim in a pool heated because someone is cremated.

Your turn
Would this bother you?


  1. It's a very different idea but when you think about it it does make sense.
    I don't swim in public pools so I don't know how I'd go with actually swimming there but I can imagine the movie that does this.
    All the swimmers would be getting possessed, there would be lots of bad stuff happening,screams galore, a great scary movie...

    You do write about some good stuff.


  2. That is a great movie idea. Peddle it to movie makers. I can see it now. Wendy in Canada put the cow in the chicken house to keep the pump from freezing. She has a great blog. Thanks. I thought maybe I just wrote weird stuff and would be called eccentric or kidding.

  3. Wouldn't bother me... however do I have to supply my own bodies when I turn up for a swim? ;-)

  4. Either bring your own bodies or keep tabs on the obituaries so you get nice warm water. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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