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Friday, January 28, 2011

Too much food?

not really food to eat--two of four shelves on the door
 What a complaint!
It is not just food in general that is hogging my refrigerator. It's multiple bottles of condiments, dressing, mayos, pickles. I can barely get real food in and close the door. The great majority of this is NOT something I really NEED, but just like and want.

Coupon crazy
The coupons get soooo good some days. I had many coupons for French's mustards. The mustard cost me tax, about nine cents each. So, I just went wild--regular yellow mustard, brown mustard, honey mustard AND honey mustard dipping mustard, mustards galore. Now, I have managed to open five, yes 5, see it--V different kinds of mustards. That takes up room.

Then, we move on to mayo types. I love love love Miracle Whip. But, there are a few recipes that call for regular mayonaise. Take my word for it--NEVER substitute MW for mayo. It does not work in recipes I have tried.. That makes Miracle Whip, Mayonaisse (two brands), Sandwich Shop Mayo with Horseradish, and two kinds of sandwich spread. That is 5 mayo/MW spreads.

Now, for the salad dressings--Italian that I only use for cooking, Ranch--my favorite, Thousand Island that bf said he liked and would eat, Brianna's with asiago, and another I cannot remember.

How about Hot Dog Relish, two--Vlasic and Mt. Olive. And, the quart jar of Vlasic Zesty Garden Mix with zesty garlic and dill flavor that was sent to me to test for a survey. Nope, don't like it and forget to push it on bf who does like it.

Tartar sauce is in a category of its own. Oh, Worcestshire and hot sauce--eeeek. I never touch them, just serve to others and judiciously use in spaghetti....and catsup.

Pickles, anyone? Sweet pickles, dill pickles, sweet relish, dill relish, and bread and butter pickles. Let's add the pint of cucumbers that live in vinegar. Remember, I don't like pickles. I am allergic to them. Plus, I have hotdog relish. Any pickle or cucumber evokes an immediate reaction if I just bite it. My throat starts to close. But, I can handle a little bit of pickle that is hidden in something. Actually, I prefer my tuna and potato salads with sweet and dill pickles, well diced.

Three jars of my homemade jelly were staring at me--hot pepper jelly, crabapple jelly, and scuppernong jelly.  One Smucker's glass jar holds chopped walnuts; another, pecan halves. After I took the picture, I realized there was lemon juice and olive oil.

That's 31 jars and bottles of assorted sizes cramping my style. Plus, anything in a plastic container falls over.

Then, there is the leftover Pet milk, stored in a pb jar--glass. And, the Smuckers pb that must be refrigerated.

Cleaning the refrigerator
Considering the food in the refrigerator and what had to be removed to clean the refrigerator was my motivation for counting. I just knew there was way too much food/condiments, way more than usual.

No promises
I cannot say that I will not buy many containers of mustard, pickles, or spreads if there is another huge coupon event. I won't even hint that I will not have over two dozen things open in the refrigerator. That makes me incorrigible, I suppose. I will promise to think about what I open next time, and will probably do as I did this

No way! I use the MW and mayo before expiration date. Salad dressings will be eaten, but WHEN? I was searching for a good honey mustard when I bought those.  Pickles last forever. It's not like I could just decide to have a big helping of mustard or a bowl of relish.

Most of this will be slowly consumed, never to be bought again. My whole complaint is crowding in the refrigerator, not waste. Of course, I did buy the cheapest, therefore, smallest refrigerator that had a self-defrosting freezer.  So, I did not start out with much room.

Hiding in the main part of the refrigerator were another dozen bottles of condiment-type foodstuffs. I just don't want to discuss and name them for you....eeeeek!

It's not like I can just finish everything off by eating through the refrigerator. I do have two containers with only a smidgen--tartar sauce and one of the sandwich spreads. So, there. It's a good start.

Your turn
Do you ever get an abundance, an overload of condiments? Coupons, other people, and saving money is my excuse. What's yours?


  1. The door of my fridge is always over loaded too. It's all stuff that we use regularly, with the exception of the occasional extra bottle of bbq sauce or catsup that gets opened before the last one is completely finished. I blame those on the kids. What does that say about us as a society? Weren't most of those things created to 'hide the taste'? And now that we're supposedly eating 'healthier', fresher foods, we still slather on the sauces. Hmmm.

  2. Yes, that is what many children do--use catsup to hide the I am appalled that people dip apples in caramel or pb, dip fresh vegetables so children will eat them. Maybe we just must have enhancement. I can get along just fine with Miracle Whip, a bottle of catsup, and one of mustard, and sweet gherkins.Only the MW needs replacing more than once a year. I never really thought about any of this was meant to hide the taste, but you have a good point. Why do I want to hide the taste of fresh food?

  3. always, always have a ton of condiments in the fridge. they jazz up everything! And I love them ALL, especially the mustards, which I never find coupons for. well done!

  4. This is so unlike me to have this many condiments. The other two shelves are full as well. Plus, I must have 10 cheeses in the refrigerator shelves. Some of the condiments are lying down! When I see or get coupons for mustard, I can alert you or even mail my extras if you like.


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