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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine Giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day
Progressive Giveaway.
Isn't that the cutest little thing you ever saw? He is 2"x2"x2", approximately. I have about eight of these. If I can find a dozen, I will put all them in the box.

Copycat me
I will be filling a box sort of like Sluggy does over at DON'T READ THIS; IT'S BORING. There will be similarities. Each day or so, I will add something else. I don't have time to build lots of suspense because I want to mail this by February 1st, so that you will get it well before Valentine's Day. Everything is new, just still here from previous years. I will buy nothing!

These little bearheads are the first thing to go into the small flat rate box from USPS. They can be hung on a tree if you have a little tree that you hang Halloween and Easter items. Or, go get a branch and push it into a flower pot of dirt! They are good for crafting. I just photographed one. There are more! The hearts under the bear and the ribbon are red, red, red...I just cannot get the color adjusted.

When I made Cabbage Patch Clothes, I saw these while looking through a wholesale catalog. I ordered too many before I knew what hit me. So, I had to do something with them. I sold nothing but CP clothing, so obviously I was branching out. I took off the heart on the bottom and hot-glued and sewed them onto  barrettes that I then adorned with lace and ribbon. I sold them for ornaments just as they are. (not at craft show)

They each have a little doubled ribbon that is easily cut off. Pull very hard on the ribbon, snip close to the bear, and the knot disappears inside the bear head. The heart easily cuts off if you pull the heart from the bear and snip the handsewn threads holding it on.

When I was a vendor at a local show, one little girl about 10 came to my booth with her friend. We talked a bit. One little girl noticed several dozen toward the back of my booth and commented I had lots of bear heads. I told her I had even more, that I had ordered 20 gross. They both were relaxed and looking when I said that. Suddenly their heads jerked up and one girl said in wonder, "That's a LOT of bear heads." (20 gross seems like too few, not as many as I ordered.)

Rules aka how it goes
Everyone who is a follower now, listed as a follower in the continental US (others, read on for your contest) on my group gets an entry if you post one entry. Get it? A two-fer-one for present followers who TELL me they want to enter. But, you gotta post a comment first. Anyone who becomes a follower can post an entry, too. Deadline is January 28, 2011, midnight.

Not in continental US?
I hate to leave you out. So, I am giving two prizes. There will be something for you--$5 Amazon card. Only people in the US can win the box of Valentine goodies. Only people outside the continental US can win the $5 Amazon card. Code will be emailed to you. Got it? TELL ME if you are outside the US, so I can put your name in a different hat. Got it?

Yes, I still have lots and lots and lots of these bearheads, bagsful. Every year, I find more tucked away somewhere. China must have loved me......sigh.

Hints, you will just have to check back, become a follower. I am dying to tell, but I will be an adult and keep this secret. None of this was purchased for the contest. Most was purchased over 5 years ago. All is in good condition, never used, just stored in my Valentine drawer. Seriously, I have one.

Your turn
Leave a comment. One per person. CURRENT followers who respond will automatically get two entries! Are you Ready? Set? Go? Then, do it. Questions?

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