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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yardsale treasures

These treasures, bought cheaply, are the result of several weekend yard sales. I am so thrilled to find a pretty or useful piece for my home or for a gift. There are many things I would like to have, but I dig in my heels is the price is not skinflint cheap. You may think I paid too much for some of these. But, I am frugal and try to stay withing my budget. Nothing here cost more than $1 and never less than $.25. However, multiples can put some pieces at less than a nickle.

$1--Hand-painted dish, 7", signed, bought for a gift, but I will keep this or sell.
2 Kerr pints, 1 Ball jelly jar, not washed yet, quarter each 

Arrow, heavy-duty stapler, $1
This has been a wish of mine for a long time. It is not the kind used for upholstery, but it works well for upholstery. It carries five weights of staplers. Made in the USA. It is $35 on the Internet and $16 at Lowe's. This will be soooo handy. And, it is full of staples....double win.

 How do you like my chicken fabric below that will be made into napkins? This is something I bought retail that I have had for several years.                                                                                             

25 cents, press-on light
I have always wanted one of these for dimly lighted or unlighted spaces, like a hall closet in my home. But, I could never justify the cost. Right now, they are $6 retail. I had the battery; now I have a working light. It occurred to me that this would be good if the electricity were disrupted. No matter what you have found them priced, this is about as high as I will go for one of these.  

 $1-stationery, 25 cards/envelopes and 64 lone envelopes

View over the table where I am sitting. The hens stayed with me the whole time. They are not entirely responsible for the area bare of grass.
25 cents each

Starting on the left--I love these for tea candles. Votive candles leave drips. I put white beans in the bottom to protect the glass from the heat. However, I only get them at yard sales for a quarter. I am not even sure where they sell retail.

Center--This little bottle is about four inches high, including the glass stopper with the rubber to make it fit well. Or, is it plastic. You know what I mean. The problem with this is that the cover on the glass stopper will not come off. So, there is a little dark line that is some sort of material. It will never come near whatever I put in the bottle, but I want it gone and cannot remove the stopper cover.

Right--I love this bottle. It has an insert with holes to shake the contents through. Then, the glass top in front of it sits on top, making it airtight. I made my own pepper last year from jalapenos, so I may put it in here instead of in the plastic bottle.
I am not sure if this is white dish is oven-proof.

I saw these two displayed together, picked up the ceramic? dish and asked the price. $1.50

So, I carefully replaced it in the metal basket and I browsed. At the end of my browse, I picked up both and asked the price. $2 I took them thinking I could resell either one for that price if I decided not to keep one or the other. This was more than my budget, but I really like the white, straight-sided dish.  He did volunteer they did not go together. I was aware. 

$1, USA, 12" long
Brand is USA, and made in USA
See Thelma behind the table?

I love scalloped or curvy shapes.
The view from above equals the side view above. 

$1--Fire King Casserole, excellent condition, bright colors (to sell)

I took an equal amount of things to the thrift store. So, maybe this won't be perceived by me or anyone else as clutter. When I see things at yard sales or thrift stores that are better than what I have, I purchase and consider it an upgrade.

I will post more another time. Blogger is not allowing pictures to be put up like it did before. So, I have to close the blog after uploading each picture, and I am tired of this nonsense. Maybe tomorrow it will behave better.

Besides, the hens are whining to have their cage down so they can come inside! 

Your turn
Did I overpay for anything? What have you found this summer that was priced so low and so useful that you could not resist?


  1. Oh my, I used to be a garage sale fiend!
    I actually liked Estate sales the best but I have no place to put anymore stuff!

  2. Busted Knuckles, There were no estate sales today. They are truly the best! Actually, I am getting rid of things, bit I can get rid of more than I can afford to buy...Thanks for stopping by. Well, you will have a larger place to put things while you live at your parents' house. Of course, there furnishings will be there.

  3. I love garage sales, but I steer clear so I don't clutter up our house with things we don't necessarily need.

  4. tlc, I leave lots behind that I "could" If you bring one thing and and get rid of another, maybe there will not be clutter. I like serving dishes. You will notice I bought tree, scalloped bowl, tray and white dish, and the two bottles for storage. Then, light for an emergency, jars for canning. I got rid of some men's pants and some other things I forgot. Oh, a book went away. I don't buy decorative items to sit around.

  5. Great scores. Especially the stapler. I would have grabbed that for sure.

  6. My favorite is that 12" dish made proudly in the USA!

  7. Mark, And it was only $1. I could not believe my luck.
    FDU, My hands were trembling as I picked it up, I held my breath. Aaaah, it's mine!

  8. I also love the stapler and the straight sided dish. We barely went garage saling this year but we did buy an old fashioned oak desk with drawers on both sides and a protective glass top for 5 dollars! That was exciting!

  9. LindaM
    Well, I would say the desk trumps anything I got. I refused to go off on a rabbit chase, down country roads where the garage sale may have been held two weeks ago, or where it was 10 miles out and had nothing but baby equipment and clothing. So, actually, I went to few. I would love to get a desk like that!

  10. I think if they've already passed the test of time, they make excellent additions to the kitchen. :)

    Durability is something being lost on mass produced kitchenwares. There's nothing like a well made crockery dish or plate. I also think the prices you paid were good, but we have inflated prices here in Australia I think.

    We live in an area with lots of antique dealers, so even second-hand (thrift) shops mark up their goods. They say they do it to stop the dealers, but then it disadvantages the poor community who can only afford to buy the chipped and broken antiques, the dealers don't want. The best place to bargain hunt therefore are garage sales.

    I really like the casserole dish with the wheat stalks. I can remember seeing one of those in my mum's kitchen. I actually have a set of yellow glass storage jars she passed down to me, that reminds me off your casserole dish too. :)

    You did well. The next challenge is finding frugal meals to use them with. That's the best part of bargain hunting, is using the finds!


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