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Monday, September 5, 2011

Free X 60 = $0 for $180 value

8 ounces X 60
I had finished shopping and had one coupon left to use. However, the store was out of the product. It would have been free. Since I was out and about, and it was only a quarter mile out of my way, I decided to go in the next store for one item. The one item I wanted was not on the shelf in the second store. The manager said they had had it but no longer carried it. Bummer.

(The photo is blurry because I had one shot left of my sd card, and I don't know how to erase the pictures.)

As I was leaving, the cashier asked me if I did not find what I wanted. I explained how it would have been free and today was the last day to use the coupon. She is a serious couponer, so she took it hard right along with me.

Then, she brightened and said, "Would you like free hand sanitizer?"  Slowly, I said, "Sure," while trying to figure out why and how I was getting a bottle of hand sanitizer. She brought me a box of TWELVE 8-ounce bottles of alcohol hand sanitizer. She put it in the basket of the electric cart I was driving. My mouth must have been open. She said, "Do you want another one?" I was speechless. Then, she brought me another. That is TWENTY-FOUR 8-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer.

She explained it was sent to give away to people during the April tornado aftermath. However, it was sent two months later when people were not in such dire straits. The store could not sell a donation, so they were giving it away.

Two days later, I was given two more boxes. Now, I had FORTY-EIGHT 8-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer. Almost a week later, I was given another box of 12 hand sanitizers. That makes a total of SIXTY free bottles.

There is no way I will ever use this much hand sanitizer. I thought. I have given some to friends. It is like favors when you visit, take something. Plus, I now have hand sanitizer in my small emergency stash.

Right after the tornado hit, I was given a bottle of hand sanitizer in some of the relief supplies. I have been using it after I gather eggs to clean my hands of whatever germs are on a perfectly clean-looking egg that comes out of you-know-where. I don't clean the egg with alcohol. Now that I have an abundance of hand sanitizer, I will not run short. Ever.

I checked other bottles of hand sanitizer the same size. Each bottle is a $3 value. So, I am ahead by $180 worth of merchandise. The price may vary according to brand and store that stocks it.

Edit: Someone suggested I was being greedy and that schools could have used the sanitizer.  The people at this store know I gave one of their checkers about $40 worth of food that I really needed myself. The checker worked in a grocery store and could not afford to buy food. She told everyone how much I helped her. I wish she hadn't. Maybe they know I will be generous with the sanitizer. I will.

In the last two weeks I have been given a huge bag of bananas, a box of tomatoes, and 10 lbs of potatoes. All were more than I could consume. It never occurred to me to suggest they not give it to me. They know I feed chickens, so I assumed they expected me to share with my hens.

The sanitizer was offered. I did not ask. And, the woman asked if I knew someone who could use it. She wanted it gone. Maybe the store had given lots to schools. I did not ply them with questions as to their intentions. Sorry if it looks greedy. I am not greedy at all. I will distribute my good fortune anytime I find a

Your turn
Okay, now is the time for all the oooohs, and Is there another use for alcohol hand sanitizer? 


  1. I really don't know of other uses... all I kept thinking was DONATE lol!

  2. lol...I am donating slowly. I was thinking maybe they would have another application at my home or in my life. One in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, one in basement, and one in the car is the way it is working now. I promised a few bottles to a friend from Huntsville. I may take a few to the two markets I go to that donate scraps for the hens.

  3. That accusation of you being greedy is uncalled for. Your readers respect you and know that you are anything but greedy.
    I found this link:
    Recently somebody old me it works to numb mosquito bites too. I inagine it could make a good, but painful first aid wash.
    If your going to donate, why not to a homeless shelter?

  4. Actually, she is a good friend. She apologized. I just wanted to say that if anyone thinks it is greedy, it is not.

  5. LindaM
    Those tips were good ones, ideas I should have thought of Thanks.

  6. How wonderful! There is nothing greedy about taking all that was offered. I am sure that they knew you would share such an abundance. I have had things like this happen many times.

    Once I was shopping and stumbled across the discount bins full of all kinds of diapers- marked super cheap (50 cents to a dollar or so per package). New packaging had come out and these were all in the old packaging. I bought it all (3-4 shopping carts worth). I had no need for diapers at the time, but knew several pantries and shelters that could use them. When I went to check out, they asked why I was buying so many. I told them to donate to shelters and pantries. They not only GAVE me all the diapers, but also cases of baby wipes as well. My little BMW was stuffed full from the trunk to the front seat. I couldn't even see out the back window. Wonder how many people remember a little black beamer stuffed with diapers. I am sure it was an odd site, even if the windows were tinted. Kathy

  7. Kathy/anon,
    That is a good story! Yes, I would wonder if I saw you and the beemer full of disposable diapers.

    My friend found Heartland cereal ($3.50 box) reduced to 75 cents. She got it all, found me in the store, and we divided it. I could not afford as much as she could, so she took all I could not buy. She took it all and shared with me. Someone even asked her for a box after she took it all, and she gave it to them. She was a customer taking the whole shopping basket of cereal, shared with the person who asked and brought the rest to me for my cart.

  8. nothing greedy about accepting what is offered freely. doesn't hurt to have lots of sanitizer on hand. never know when the water will go off and you will need it. (our water was unexpectedly off for a few hours last week as they fixed a leak down the line. got me back into a "preparedness" frame of thinking!)

  9. The tornado did that to me--made me think.I will be prepared! Well, at least better than I was before.

    When persons say to me, "Oh, I probably won't need any sanitizer" and say they don't have any or only one bottle, I should leave it at that.


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