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Thursday, September 8, 2011



Last week I was feverish and rummaging around in the cabinet, looking for something, anything. I thought I had found crackers when I saw the yellow end of a box. Nope! It was even better!

You can guess just about how long this bunny has been hiding. I put him where I would not see him and eat him all up. Well, it worked.
I bit his ear off in my excitement, and forgot to take a picture. He was in perfect shape, not broken or melted.
Your turn
Do you ever hide something from yourself to make up for your lack of self control? Isn't it a lovely surprise to find your hidden treasure?

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  1. I don't hide it, but Matt does! I have about zero self control when it comes to packaged treats be it chips or candy. Matt will stash it away somewhere and then pull it out when I have completely forgotten it existed. It is always a very exciting surprise.


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