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Friday, September 9, 2011

10 Commandments for Frugal Living

This great list sums up what we all should be doing. The only thing I do not do is borrow things from others. But, the rest I manage to accomplish. My favorite statement is that people who are frugal do not necessarily buy cheap goods but buy items of quality. I do that. Read the commandments and see how well you are doing. This would be a great list to share.

Your turn
How are you doing following these 10 Commandments? Which is the hardest for you?


  1. So many people seem to think that being frugal means buying the cheapest possible. I too have learned that is certainly not the case. It is so much better to put a little more out initially and save yourself the money and frustration when the item breaks because you went for cheap. I used to fall for it, but not anymore!

    That is a great list there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm doing pretty good. I have the hardest time shopping around because I lack patience. However, my husband doesn't mind doing some of that and my daughter loves to do it. I actually don't like shopping much- not even online and just want to get it over with. I don't give in though. Trying to learn patience.

  3. BLD,buying quality means you don't have to repurchase,as you know. My ex would buy Dollar Store tools and get angry because he could not do what he set out to the $1 adjustable wrench that he had to hold in place for it to half work....sigh. My tools are mostly high quality and usually bought at yard sales.

    LindaM, I say I don't have a shopping gene. It is true, but I will shop for quality at the right price. I just don't shop unnecessarily. At least you have two people who can take up the slack where your temperament is not a good fit.


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