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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The End

The end of tomatoes and peppers

Its over. This was what I picked off the four tomato plants and the one jalapeno plant. Next year, I will do better. I feel some of these may ripen, but if they don't I will fry them for exbf. Can you see the one little pepper?

I pulled the five plants and threw them in for the hens. They loved the roots and whatever little things they ate. At any rate, they jumped on the root balls.

The box will now become my compost bin and the hens will be allowed in there.

Your Turn
Have you picked the last of your garden?


  1. oh PP - have we picked the last of our garden??? we haven't even even picked the first yet!!!

    but sadly enough - we were a month behind getting anything into the ground due to horrible weather. and then we had a rainy, awful july and most of august. so my tomatoes are just starting turn. i am keeping my eye on nightly temps - we normally don't get frost until mid-late october and we have been having a really beautiful september - if this weather continues for another few weeks, i think i can get the tomatoes off of our 25 plants and be able to do something with them.

    are your going to ripen your tomatoes or use them green?


  2. I was two, at least, and maybe three months behind getting in getting mine in the ground. As you can see few turned yet. I don't like green tomatoes. So, these will be sauted with onions, green and red peppers, garlic, and other vegetables for exbf when he comes to help me. OR, they will ripen. I thought about making chow chow....maybe.

  3. I hear it is supposed to start getting cold (freeze) this weekend so it may spell the end of our tomatoes and peppers. I am still hoping the weather man is wrong, but it certainly could be the case. The peppers are mostly changed in color, but many of the tomatoes are sadly still quite green. We have put up maybe a dozen jars of tomato sauce thus far though from though that did redden. We still have leafy greens that we planted last month that are coming along.

    We had luck ripening tomatoes in a loosely closed brown paper bag. The trapped gases released really did seem to help speed the process. But, they are never quite a good as vine ripened in my opinion.


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