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Friday, February 11, 2011

Two sites: Make/save money online and in real life; How to write a better blog

Today, I have two sites for you with multiple sites within each. There is so much to discover in these two blogs that I won't burden you with another half dozen  sites. We will save that for later.

Buck Weber tried many ways to make money "I have been experimenting with making and saving money in the real world and online. This blog serves as a list of ideas I have discovered and/or tried. I invite you to dig in and see what you can find."

Get past the candlemaking for a real compendium of money-making ideas. What I really like is the fact he tells which ones worked and why. Okay, maybe candle-making is just your thing.

CatsEye Writer has a list of blogs to help people write better blogs. Try it you; will like it. The article was written Dec 25, 2010, and there is another on Dec. 31, 2010 that you will want to read. Check out her services, also.

Your turn
Have you had experience with any of these primary sites or the ones the authors offer?

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