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Friday, February 4, 2011

Progress this week

sunflower boxes with cartoon effect from my camera
Yes, I spent a bit, but the things were greatly reduced. I don't like to send grandson used items. Well, at least so far I have not seen anything used that he might want. I do look. Cooking was at a minimum; eating and nutrition was Things disappeared. Money appeared. Decluttering happened on several fronts.

*When exbf came to help me, he took home the Vegetable Medley in Garlic (and vinegar) that I will not eat and the jar of cucumbers living in vinegar. (he forgot the apple cider)

*I used the leftover Pet Milk to make cornbread. With the one above, that makes three less jars in my refrigerator.

*Collected $60 from consignment shop. That's two large items out of the house and money in my pocket. My goal is an average of $50/month. That means I am behind. No, I have only $40 to go for February!

*Two bags for the thrift store are ready to go to the car.

*A quart of pecans went into a canning jar and into the freezer. I don't want to eat all at once or have them go rancid.

*Cornbread is in the freezer now. So, that will last another 2 or 3 meals.

*More items are in the car for the consignment shop--2 sunflower hatbox-type containers, child's folding card table, metal flower container. This is a home furnishings consignment shop. The brass valet is still there. I don't leave much at any one time.

*The side porch is cleaned off, decluttered. (Yes, I know I told you about that.)

*The box with my grandson's birthday gift was mailed today. He is the recipient of a $70 bathrobe bought for $10 and a pair of ear warmers. A $25 itunes card gotten with Swag bucks from Amazon will follow. The boxes to my daughter always have food of some sort--peanut butter, pancake mix pouch, large can of spaghetti sauce, 2 lbs pasta, tuna, large can of chicken. I have jar spaghetti, but I don't dare mail a jar. Valentine's cards (bought last year for a quarter) for the granddaughter to hand out at school were in there too.

*I am still eating from the pot of spaghetti and pot of soup I made over the weekend. The last of the spaghetti will be for lunch Friday, and the last of the pot of soup will be Friday and Saturday dinners. Lunches this week have been grilled cheese sandwiches or little pizzas using the spaghetti sauce.

*I rearranged some pantry shelves to hold more items. It seems I had been taking items off the shelves.There was room to add other items so that everything was more consolidated.

*Carried chickens from their Rubbermaid box to house through the snow and after dark on Thursday night. They were not happy campers. Did you know they try to hold on, brace their feet, and squawk lots when they don't want to go with me? I noticed I was carrying Fancy tail up. She tried to scoot past me on the ground. Since I had Thelma in the other arm, I scooped her up the best I could. Chicken save!

*Called 911 for a friend in another county who had been falling down (knees buckling and passing out) all day, sleeping too much, and was slurring his words. Since he has diabetes and has lost his little tester thing, he has not taken insulin. The instrument the paramedics brought only read up to 600. Thirty minutes after he gave himself insulin, it was still 600, so he administered more. Whew...thought I had lost a friend.

*I rearranged some clothing, discarding some. Now, I have more room to hang my other clothing.

*Magazines will find themselves re homed tomorrow. I love magazines, but they cannot live here after one year. Out they go. Either my hairdresser or accountant will get these.


  1. wow, you have been VERY busy and successfully so. well done, Practical. and how wonderful that you were able to be there for your friend, even from far away!

  2. Thanks for the comment. For my energy level, my progress was quite an accomplishment. Years ago, last week would have been a day's worth of work.


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