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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Honey Hut

No, this is not the same as the Sugar Shack. However, the honey is a pleasure.

Visit one of my favorite blogs, Root Simple, and learn about the healing power of honey. BBC and Root Simple do not need my help to tell you the merits of honey. Click and visit them. Did you know that honey is valuable as an anti-microbial?

Do not give honey to any child under one-year-old.

Today, I went to a local beekeeper who sells honey from their charming Honey Hut, located in front of their home. Customers purchase on the honor system. The windows above raise for access to the honey and to keep the honey from the elements. Of course, I had to look at all the jars and choose one. Nope, I did not get the quart; I pondered which to get. I wrote my check and hurried home.

First, I had to get a big spoonful and put it in a small bowl and just taste my honey, savoring it in tiny bites. I was so surprised at the taste. Maybe it is just my imagination, but I thought I tasted flowers. Now, I have never tasted flowers, but this had a  taste that correlates with the aroma of flowers. Hmmmm..... Then, I mixed peanut butter and honey and had a sandwich. Really, I do believe I ate too much honey.

Later tonight, I will decant the honey from the quart jar to 4 half pints. I think it will last longer without becoming grainy if I put it in several small jars, having only one that is continually opened. Maybe I am wrong.

Best of all, most of the honey is sold in glass jars.

I can see how beekeepers like My Roman Apartment would have plenty of gifts for Christmas for close friends. She even runs a bee rescue from her backyard.

Now, I want a hive. The city approved of my hens but was adamant about no bees. Since I am allergic to bee stings, I suppose it is for the best.

Your turn
Do you have bee hives? Okay, I am envious. At least, tell me you buy local honey as directly from the beekeepers as possible.


  1. We are finally getting our first hives in April! I do know what you mean about honey tasting like flowers. We buy ours out in the country from Amish friends and theirs taste the same way roses smell to me. I hope mine will end up that good!
    BTW, we buy them in quart jars and keep them there. The reason honey crystalises is due to cold I think. You can easily get rid of the crystals by placing the jar in warm water usually.

  2. There is just me here. Plus, handling quart jars hurts me. Plus, it gives me something to fumble and drop. I would NOT like to clean up honey from the kitchen. I thought exposure to air caused the crystalization.

    Either way, the mass and volume are what I want to reduce. Every time I save my hands and energy, that just means more I can do without fumbling all. I have injured both my hands in the past at separate times.

    Between the slight lack of coordination and fibromyalgia and probably/maybe arthritis thrown in for good measure, I try not to use them more than I can so I can still open a jar at night. I hate to sound pitiful when that is not my goal.

  3. You don't sound pitiful.I also have fibromyalgia so completely understand where you are coming from.

  4. I was diagnosed over 15 years ago and never told anyone, even my physicians, until last fall.


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