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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I found a penny today

Glorious Day
And, the sun shone all day. It's 4:30 and 64 degrees out. It must have been warmer earlier. Plus, I found a penny on the pavement when I went to get a Sunday paper. Can it get any better than that? Not the money part, just everything converges to make a perfect day.

Yes, that is the very penny I found, scratches and all. Life is a lot like this penny, imperfect and with value. That is the best picture of my table that I have ever

The hens decided to try their scratching success in the neighbor's yard. Thankfully, the neighbors were not home! The girls test boundaries. I had not checked on them in over an hour, so they wandered. They had to walk all the way to the street in front of the house and go around the neighbor's fence. Now that they have been there once, it will be hard to keep them from heading that direction often. They would surely tell me the bugs are more plentiful on the other side of the fence, juicier, and more accessible.

It is hard to believe that yesterday there were remnants of snow from a snowfall last week lingering under trees in the shade all day. Nothing here says cold, winter, and especially not snow.

I was able to hang three loads of clothes outdoors on my one little line. Of necessities, all three were small loads--black pants and blouses, load of light colored blouses, underwear and pee cloths.  Sunshine, coupled with a brisk wind, dried everything, even sweatshirts, in record time.

My shelf of shame has everything removed from it, and I muddle about, trying to figure out the best storage arrangement. I know what the best arrangement is, but I cannot find the pieces to fit the spot. Here is where parsimony comes in. But, practicality may have her say, also. The parsimonious side of me may try to not spend any money by using things I already have. The practical side of me will just spend if I must to get the shelf in a usable condition.

All day long, I have felt like doing a Snoopy dance.

Your turn
Do you feel like doing a Snoopy Dance for any reason? Did you find money? Did the sun shine with the promise of Spring?

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