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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Contest & I'm a Big, Fat Liar

I promised you a contest last week. Sooooo, I am bad.

Okay, I was going to give away 2007 Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition with an upgrade to 2010. Yes, I have the box somewhere. If I don't find it, I cannot upgrade to 2010 nor can my daughter. It's all legal. I am not selling it, but it came with three licenses. The lady at Customer Service said it was okay.

The box was sitting right here, and now it is not. Don't hate me. My first impulse was panic, sheer panic. You know, the kind where you rip the place apart? Then, not only can you not find what you were looking for, you cannot find anything else either!

I decided to wait until almost midnight, giving me a chance to find it. Nope, seven people, at least, are waiting. But, I decided to confess. That is my Puritanical background pushing itself to the fore. Well, it didn't have far to push since the impulse to confess dwells just under the surface of my being. Here I am. I do not have the wonderful prize I had a few days ago!

Here is the deal--how about starting the contest anyway? If I find the box, the software will be the prize anywhere in the world. If I don't find the box, I will have another prize before Halloween, mailed out to US residents. Just enter!

Whimper, whimper, sniff, sniff, just don't hate

Still, leave a comment for a chance to win something. It may still be the software if I can find it before it expires the end of September. Followers--tell me you are a follower for two entries and leave another comment for the third entry. Non-followers--leave a comment for one entry. Become a follower for a second entry. Got it? Oh, I have no intention of going to FB with this blog or being part of Twitter-mania.

Okay, let me look for the software. It may have slipped off the ottoman and be hiding underneath.

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