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Monday, September 13, 2010

Little Bitty Safari Finds

Don't go looking for free chicken or people food in the Alternative Storage Container (ASC=dumpster) on a Sunday night like I did. It pays to be frugal when searching for chicken food, but this was a little much. There are doors to open, but the stuff was over my head and dripping with blood. Gag! I poked around a bit.

My haul:
3 onions (for me)
1 lb of grapes
a bit of leaves and stems from some produce
1 long, wide loaf of bread

Yes, I will cut the bit of bad place from the onion by using only a portion of what appears to be good by cutting more from the onion than I think is necessary. They were swallowing grapes whole. My hens told me they love grapes.

The first thing I tossed in their pen was bread. The loaf was large enough for two of them to stand on it as they pecked. Here it is 9 hours later, and they still have not consumed the major portion of the loaf even though it riddled with peck marks. They way they were pecking when I tossed it in, I assumed it was hard as a rock.

There was not much in the asc that I could reach or wanted to dig through, but tonight should be better. The hens were able to forage for about 5 hours today. They ate other things I threw to them--ears of corn, a bit of chicken, peach leavings, some dry cereal and things I have forgotten.

My onions are now chopped and in the freezer. Gee, this will save buying onions for awhile. Yes, I will eat the food. However, what I would normally leave is fed to my four hens.

Where do you get your chicken food? Do you ever go on safari (dumpster diving), or have you thought of it? Do you object to this practice? Why? Any questions about my safaris?

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