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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Coupon Craze may be slowing"

According to MSN coupon use is slowing. However, the news is not what the title implies. Food coupons that are offered are up and household item coupons are down. I don't believe that the frugal folk are any less interested in saving money by using coupons.

Yes, according to the article coupon use is still on the rise.

There was a boom in publication of coupons and use in 2009. I believe that. The headline implies we have given up on using coupons to save money. The facts presented in the article do not uphold the headlines.

It must be talking about Sluggy's little blip in couponing for a week or so earlier this year. And, her blog is NOT boring.

My coupon use has fallen for one reason only--my coupon binder was stolen last June. I have bought another binder and the baseball card pages to fill. However, I lost my momentum and have not refilled it or used as many coupons as I formerly did. The spirit is willing but the hands are not cooperating.

Okay, filling my coupon binder is on my list of things to do. That list grows longer every day.

Have you quit using coupons? Are the offerings as many and varied as you would like? Have the offering or variety changed any? Can you be specific?

UPDATE: I did not use the primary source which was in the MSN article. However, it is at the bottom of the article. Sorry, as an English major, I know better. Well, it won't be my last mistake.


  1. Coupons suck in Canada. Very few manufacturer's coupons are even printed, and most are for household cleaners and pharmaceuticals. Only occasionally are there any food coupons, usually for new products that they want us to try.

  2. I still use coupons every time I shop. However, I do not shop as often as I used to.

  3. Wendy, can you use coupons that are in American newspapers? I am just thinking--there are places to order coupons for very little. Maybe postage would be prohibitive. However, coupons are ordered by the dozens, usually. And, there is another site to find out what coupons will be in the Sunday paper AND if there will be a paper with or without coupons.

    De-ette, not shopping certainly cuts out the need for coupons!

  4. Linda, I really appreciated your comments on my recent In The Trenches post. Would you please contact me at my email ? I have an idea I would like to chat about and wasn't quite sure how to get ahold of you. Carol

  5. Carol,
    I sent you an email.


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