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Monday, September 28, 2015

What I did this summer

I went to the doctor way too many times. I took too many antibiotics. Finally, I complained mightily to the doctor that something was wrong, really wrong because this was too much antibiotic use.

Nothing was grown or canned around here. I did dehydrate a few things.

Of course, my allergies acted up. The Zyrtec was working. Then, it had no effect. So, Claritin it is now.

Getting exercise should be at the top of my to-do list. Walking enough is just not possible. However, I have maintained my weight-loss of the late winter and spring. I was trying, so it was not just a fluke.

Of course, as you may remember, I had a heat stroke, suffered again from the heat a few weeks later. getting the car ac fixed twice fixed my heat problem

What I did not do--go to yard sales, make free money for Christmas, do any mystery shopping, grow anything, go to PO for anything, read anything. I did nothing I ever do to amuse myself or make little dribs and drabs of money for Christmas. Looking back, I was barely living and am sure people are annoyed at my lacks.

When my computer gave up the ghost, I could no longer post. I went to the library computers
once, but I could reach my blog or anyone's blog. They obviously don't allow blog reading. It may have something to do with the child molester/perv who used the computers in the library and the FBI took over the computers for three days. Just guessing.

It was a miserable late spring and summer. I am just now feeling more normal. So, that is almost six months lost.

My skin was not the same starting in the summer. ???

I was not entirely miserable as it sounds. But, it was difficult to keep an optimistic, sunny disposition when weekly some WM employee would refuse to help me. One stated he "did not buy this disability stuff of mine."  I pondered lots about the state of my health!

My birthday, Sept. 11, was spent in bed. I was too ill to even get up. So, I went with it and rested. My friend brought me a cupcake/tort thing with a candle, sang "Happy Birthday" and gave me a gift. She brought me a pack of five indelible markers. She thought she might have carried some home. She did drop one without a top into a box. I told her we were not going to waste time looking for it. I certainly did not hold it against her. (Once I mailed my marker to my daughter in NY.) When we found a week later, the marker that skittered to the bottom of the box, it was dry. So, her gift was a nice, practical thing to receive.

I bought Harper Lee's book, Go Set a Watchman with money I saved from a Christmas gift last year just for this purpose. However, I could not read it without the other lens in my glasses.

Surely, I did other things this summer, but nothing remarkable.

Yesterday, my friend told me I looked so much better and acted well, not so sickly as I had been.

So, that's it Sonya Ann! (She asked.)

Sunday was my youngest child's birthday. She's 45. Happy  Birthday!

Your turn
Have you ever had a miserable few months?


  1. Oh Hell Yes! John had surgery about a month ago and is in that frustrating place where he feels so much better than he did but at the same time feels so crappy that he can barely stand himself much less the people around him who love and care for him (Yea

  2. Sorry that you had such a miserable summer. When you were gone off the blogosphere, I worried about you. Good to know that your are doing better.
    As for the question:I have had a miserable few months totally depressed, barely getting out of bed when I made the mistake of resigning from a horrible job on a whim without lining another one up. This was many years ago in my early thirties but, I still remember it. I had lost self-respect, hope and my health all at once. Thankfully, something came up and I was able to get back on my feet.


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