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Monday, September 14, 2015

Heat Stroke

I wrote this a long time ago. But, here is the story of the heat stroke.

That is what the doctor said happened although I did not see him until a week later. The heat in the house was so terrific that the poor little chicks succumbed, too. Plus, I was just too ill to even properly tend to them. They did get adequate food and water. I will start from the beginning.

At 3 am I decided to go to WM to get milk. The next day at 1 pm I had an appointment to get my hair  cut. I figured I could be home and asleep by 4 am, sleep until 11 am, wash and dry my hair and make the 1 pm hair cutting.

I left the house with a my purse and cell phone that has a house key attached. It was so oppressive out that I ran back in to get a cold bottle of water. I tossed the phone and my purse down as I went to get the water from the refrigerator. Then, I hurried out the door holding the water but no purse or cell.

It took me two hours to get help. I ended up walking eight blocks. In the previous post I said the chicks succumbed to the heat a few weeks ago. No, it was when I actually was ill and not just feeling blah from the heat when I had car troubles.

Since I did not have my inhaler, either, I felt a little panic. But, the bottle of water helped me through the ordeal. Yes, I did leave to get milk, slept some, washed my hair and made the appointment for the haircut.

The story is long and complicated, so far in the past. Now, I just don't feel like relating the search for a phone.

The older I get, the worse the heat bothers me! Even the heat from heating the house or car in the winter is a problem.

Your turn

Have you ever had a heat stroke? Does the heat bother you?


  1. I wish you could live with a family member. I just feel like if they knew how hard it was for you they would take you in.

    1. wife,
      Thank you! I do want to live alone. Right now, I need help with some things.

    2. longtime wife,
      Can you email me at ?

  2. I will email you on Monday when I have my computer at work. I hope you are well


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