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Monday, September 7, 2015

Okay, back again!

Now, I also have a laptop. it is either feast or famine around here! Right now, I am sitting in Walmart where it was purchased for me. It had icons I could not fathom! Since I said I was back before, I had alternator trouble, purchased a faulty alternator, dealt with an annoying auto repair shop. All this was in the horrific heat because my ac needed repair, too. So, the heat knocked me out, laying me low for three or four days.

in the end, it only took four alternators, two shops and Autozone (a godsend).

This has been rough since I was dealing with a new physical problem, unresolved as yet.

I have lots of pictures! I really don't know how to get Kodak back.

Plus, several good grocery deals came my way.


  1. Hey glad to see you back, I wondered where you'd gone!

  2. Welcome back! That was quite a hiatus. Gather your thoughts when you can and tell us all about your summer. We all missed you and I'm sure everyone will drop by a little at a time as we have been to check on you.

  3. I'm glad that you are up and running still even with all of the problems! Can't wait to find out the details on everything.

  4. I sent a card and an email to wish you a happy birthday. I am anxiously awaiting your return to regular blogging. I hope you had a happy birthday!

    1. I will post lots of my summer!

      I was safe and sound in bed all day. My friend came to help me clean house and toss things. She brought me a chocolate cupcake and sang to She gave a pack of markers....long story. I suppose the card will come on Monday. Thanks.

  5. Janet,
    The card came today. Cute! Thanks.


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