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Friday, July 16, 2010

My first follower, computer/blogger problems solved parsimoniously

I feel like a big girl now. I am validated! My first follower just joined. WOW! I am a real blogger!

Okay, I am over the ecstasy, almost.

When I started my blog a few days ago, I hesitantly worked my way through joining, posting, editing, and was always just a bit confused. Now, I realize part of my computer's "brain" was missing. Well, let's just say that was my diagnosis!

Since shortly after I acquired this computer in November 2009, I have known something was wrong, terribly wrong. However, since my computer friend was not coming through with his promise to help me, I was loathe to spend money taking it to a computer repair shop. Actually, I did not and do not have the $100 it would cost to have them fix my problem. Here is where my parsimony comes in when coupled with lack of funds.

There are people who would just find $100 to spend on the computer. Well, I refuse to squander what money I have or go in debt when I will have trouble paying the debt.

Another time two years ago, I needed to make a PowerPoint presentation for a graduate class that was about technology in the classroom. Making a PP presentation was not the problem. Making it interactive was a problem.

From a student organization at a college I found a young man willing to help me. While I thought he would take money, just not too much, he helped me for nothing in return. I gave him some food, bananas, I think, and something else. You see, the director said that she kept a food bank for students on campus. All I gave him was for him to keep.

Yesterday, the same young man helped me over the phone. And, with literally a single click and a double click, directed by him,  my computer is fine.

WOW! I didn't even know that I had put color on my blog. The color charts were all just little blank boxes. I chose a very ugly template because there was no color on any of the templates. There is now a little tool bar above this piece I am composing so that I can customize the information with bold, italics, etc. You see where I am going? There was practically nothing showing on the blog dashboard. Now, hopefully, I can find the buttons to add pictures in the right places.

All the other blogs I followed appeared in black and white, so I was thrilled to see color on those, too. It is like I found color for the first time! It's really a wonder I got a blog up and running at all.

Since I try to pay for what I get when I can, I will contribute food to this young man who helped me. If he wants money when he helps me again today, I am sure it will be somewhere within my means. Otherwise, I will give him a grocery bag of food. If he will not accept anything, I will donate it to the food bank for students on campus. This kind of payment is within my power!

Tell me about parsimony in your life. Do you use currency other than cash to pay for work that would have cost you dearly at a retail establishment?

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