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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Indian Meal Moth--getting rid of them the cheap way


After a two-week stay at a friend's home, I have been battling Indian Meal Moths that hitchhiked home with me. I have put out a product called Pantry Pest Trap that uses a sex attractant to lure the male moth. It works. I can highly recommend the Pantry Pest Trap that I found at Lowe's. However, two of the traps cost $6. I have bought 3 packages for a total of $18. By accident, I found a cheaper solution.

I am all for cheap if it works. Neither of these two bought solutions has a poison, so the difference is in the price.

In the meantime--

A newer pest has arrived. Common house flies. I was going nuts because I will not abide them flying about my kitchen. It seems I spent most of my time swatting flies, cleaning up where I swatted them, covering food I was preparing so no fly could land on it.

Finally, I did something I thought I would never do--bought Victor Fly Catcher--strips that hang. I paid $1 for four strips at Lowe's and am using only one. This is really nasty looking with flies stuck to it. Only lazy people have flypaper, I thought!

Actually, I have been places where flies crawled all over the food. Those people had numerous strips of flypaper hanging around the room. I never eat food in this type home!

In the meantime I am like a crazy woman, stalking flies in my kitchen. If they get cool and land on a window or anywhere, I vacuum them. That is a good feeling, sucking up a fly that will die from the air drying it out...oh. so. cruel. And, I really don't care!

Since there was always one fly I could not swat, I decided on flypaper/strips. Even if I killed the last one, another appeared in a few hours. My torture-by-fly just continued, unabated. Hey, I am talking about me being tortured by the presence of flies.

Finally, the place the flies were coming in has been located and plugged up for good. But, it's summer and the fly paper will stay.

If you have never seen flypaper or fly strips, you have missed nothing. They are long strips of sticky brown paper that hang in your space. Their sole purpose is to trap flies that land on them. A hanging strip with hundreds of dead flies stuck to it.

Since I did not want anyone to see this, I hung the strip between the refrigerator and a cabinet. Every few days I check it. It suddenly occurred to me the strip was catching fruit flies and Indian Meal Moths. Not one house fly has been caught. Okay, I can deal with anything being caught, especially the moths.

As I look at the $6 traps ($3 apiece) and a quarter strip from a $1 pack of four, I think $.25 is better than $3! Both catch the same amount of insects.

While I will not quit buying the sex-lure moth trap, I will supplement the trap with the cheap flypaper strip.

This has been a most embarrassing post to write, admitting I would put a fly strip in my home. To me it smacks of laziness and filth...oh well.

Has anyone tried the fly paper for anything but flies?

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