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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Chocolate Sleeping and Christmas Plans

Last night, I slept over eight hours and I awoke feeling energetic. Well, I am always tottering and groggy for a while after I wake. It's been this way all my life. It's like I have no ankles.

For awhile I forgot I had a computer available, so I did not get on it as usual. I puttered around about five minutes and lay back down. Since I cannot get the weather inside adjusted, there is a wadded blanket on the back side of the bed ready to pull over me rather than trying to adjust the heat and make myself too warm. Last night, I noticed I was lying on a lump but went to sleep before I could remove the lump.

A few minutes ago, I noticed the lump was under me. And, it crinkled. A bag? Yes, I slept on a WM bag full of something. I tugged and found I had slept on my Christmas candy--a bag of Hershey Miniatures and a bag of kisses.

It's an hour later. I tried a warm Miniature. Not quite right. It had a strange shape! It appears I have incubated my chocolate candy into a different form.

It's not Christmas without these two candies. They were an integral part of childhood Christmases and since.

Since exbf will be here on Monday, I decided not to fix a big meal for me on Christmas Day. Instead, I am going to make broccoli and cheese soup with turkey in the soup. Friday, I found the greenest fresh broccoli crowns and bought them for the soup. In the freezer are broccoli "cuts" for our dinner on Monday. I may put the frozen in the soup and save the fresh for Monday. Probably.

I could go to Birmingham for Christmas Day, but won't.

Right now, I need to warm me and cool the chocolate!

One year when I was an adult, I asked my mother if she loved Miniatures and Kisses so much that she bought them for our stockings every year. She said that she bought them for us because we were three very little children (eventually five) and the candies were small so she could give us "more" candy and it was a variety and cheaper than buying variety in larger sizes. I could trade for all the dark chocolate!

Merry Christmas!

Your turn
Do you have a BOUGHT candy that is part of wonderful Christmas memories?


I last posted on Nov. 26 at about 1:30 am. It is now Dec. 24, about 1:30 am. It has been a long time! I have been ill with sinus and ear and lung problems. There was much scrambling and searching for my rescue inhaler around here.

This is not my laptop and is difficult to type on! The guy who is going to put in a new power port lent it to me. Yay! He is a very nice young man, twenty-one-years old.

For the last month milk has cost me $.99/gal. I bought enough to last me several weeks until Aldi put it on sale again. I have a gallon now, but will buy two more gallons by Tuesday before the ad ends.

Kraft cheeses were 3 for $5, so I bought 6 8-oz packages of chunk Cheddar Medium cheese for $1.67 each. I still have most of the bags of Five Cheese Italian, so I only bought chunks.

Land O Lakes Butter was 2 1-lb packages for $3. Six pounds of butter reside in my refrigerator. It seems dairy products were the big sale items.

Turkey, bone-in breasts are $1.38/lb. Since my freezer is full, I can only buy what I can thaw and cook. Oh, well! I am not quite ready to start canning meat since I am still weak.

There were other bargains, but those are the best or, at least, the most recent and most memorable.

 I need to sleep since my left eye hurt me all night long last night, so I got three hours sleep. The night before, I had a nightmare, totally horrendous, and only got three hours sleep that night. I napped about an hour each evening, but the sleep deficit still remains.

Miracle on 34th Street is on, not the one with Natalie Woods and Maureen O'Hara.. McDonald Carey is in this version.