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Monday, June 30, 2014

Free RED Table

Okay, so maybe it is a little garish photographed in front of that blue metal door. I found this in the lobby of a storage unit and asked the attendant if it were abandoned. She called the lady who owned it. It was mine.
It can be re-painted. I'm not sure why it looks so spotty. The only place red would fit in my home is in the kitchen. But, I love the table. 

I asked exbf stand beside it to show the scale. The table is so heavy. I had to pay someone $5 to come and put it in the unit. That person was much stronger than I, and she thought it was heavy. So did exbf and he is not weak.

I have a much longer and lower coffee table, trestle table under the picture window that  holds the TV. I think this would be an upgrade, not in quality, but in style, except the coffee table is natural wood with veneer, an antique. I don't paint furniture unless it is just so shabby that paint improves it.

Your turn
Do you like it? The style? The color? Would you paint it? It is not so orange-y in real life.

I am back! Corrected link

I rejoined and someone helped me figure this all out. I am so exhausted from the I have things to do while it is light and heat index of 100 F degrees and humidity that is almost 70% or something like that.